Thursday, November 17, 2011

Autumn Swap


Work has been taking a toll on me, since last Thursday it has been rough at work. We are at our peek. Tuesday was our biggest day; we had 8 clients ending their Open Enrollment and 1 re-opening theirs for correction period. As we all know…people procrastinate. Needless to say, I was not in a good mood when I left work…BUT…when I arrived home I had a WONDERFUL SURPRISE. A Priority Mail Box was on the table waiting for me. I could not help but smile. My first actual blog swap! Autumn Swap hosted by Mamarazzi. I was partnered with Forgetfulone, which I was thrilled because I have been getting to know her over some time and we have so many things in common with one another.

After I opened the box this is what I saw.
Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL!!! It just screams Autumn doesn’t it?

I noticed the homemade card first. I know Forgetfulone made it because she is big into scrapbooking. I loved the card. I am going to plan on framing it and it will become a wall decoration during the month of November. (I really am Forgetfulone!!! Thank You!)

My sweet darling husband cooked dinner for the family since I worked late, but I made dinner wait. I could not wait to open my goodies. I was like a child on Christmas morning, so anxious. She cleverly put a card with each package. I thought about doing that for her, but did not follow through. Next time I will definitely follow through and do this. I loved it! I am saving every note as well.

I love everything.

Here is a close up of the cute little scarecrow. Isn’t she cute?

The Autumn sign…I love it! The Autumn Angel I think it is my favorite. I just love her. I love how her wings are an autumn leaf. I get a warm feeling every time I look at her.

I am going to be stingy for a little while; this will be my coffee cup for now. I deserve to have something of mine too, right? Eventually I will allow (ha ha ha) others in the house to drink from it as well.

The candle is way too pretty to burn. I am going to have to set it out for decoration only. No way am I burning this beauty.  The lotion smells great!
I plan to do some baking and make cookie with my new cookie cutter. She is right, I do enjoy baking!

This picture does NOT do justice to my new leaf bowl. I love the way the colors blend. I think I may keep this out year round in my small living room. It will go great with my new wall color I plan to paint after the first of the year.

Apple Cider (in between the scare crow and angel) and the Werther’s are definitely Autumn and the cider will be great on a chilly night.

Thank you Mamarazzi for hosting this Swap. Thank you so much Forgetfulone for the wonderful gifts. I only hope you enjoyed your package as much as I enjoyed mine.



  1. You have no idea how much I loved my swap goodies! What I sent pales in comparison. You are so very thoughtful, and I am so glad we've gotten to know each other.

  2. wow, totally beautiful package - love how it was all wrapped up!!

  3. wow she did great! looove the scarecrow- too cute!! this was such a fun swap :)


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