Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Confessional

This week's Confessions...Come on and join in with Mamarazzi.

I confess...

I was really bummed about Halloween this year.  I worked so much overtime at work as well as my husband that we did not even decorate for Halloween.  Yes, you read that correctly no decorating.  Here is a link to last year's decorations.  Every year we go big for Halloween.  I thought to myself what will the kids think?  What will our little trick or treaters think?  What will the parents think?  Trust me ... the parents care because they video record their kids at our house.  This year Todd had to work late too at the last minute.  Another disappointment because he usually dresses up to hand out the candy.  However after only having 11 kids show up to the house, I was not so disappointed we did not go to all the work and decorate.  I was disappointed I was stuck with so much money.

I confess..

I was also disappointed that I did not see Matthew at all nor do I even know if he dressed up over the weekend for some Halloween party he went to.  Halloween night he had to work.  I know he is 21 but I wanted to see him dressed up still.  Joshua went out on Saturday and I did not even see him dressed up as well.  No pictures of my older two.  He too had to work.  Ethan went to friends right after school so I could not get a group picture of the younger two.  Noah was my only trick or treater that I took a picture before going out.  This made me sad.  My boys are growing up.

I confess...

I am getting excited for the next holiday though.  I am going to particiapte with Mamarazzi's Autumn Swap.  My first and I have everything bought for it.  Now to wrap and wait for the 12th to mail it.  Eeck... I am so excited.

I confess...

My arm is still hurting.  All the top layer of skin has fallen off and now I have very sensitive new skin.  Hurts like Heck too. 

What do you have to confess about this week?


  1. How can you have finished shopping already? Impossible! Eek! I better make this good!

    We were travelling home from Atlanta for most of the day of Halloween, so we did nothing this year. My husband doesn't like it, but I would like to decorate for every holiday. We were so tired this year that we didn't even hand out candy. Party poopers, huh?

  2. i am also really looking forward to the swap...i have had my shopping done for a while too!

    but just added a few more things today, i need to wrap it all and seal my package and STOP buying!

    (make sure you PO is open on Saturday!)

    thanks for linking up!!


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