Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Random Ramblings

My mind is busy busy busy right now just as many American women thinking of Thanksgiving dinner.  I would love to cook a fancy dinner and have everyone come to my house, but that is my Mother-In-Law's thing and I know how much she enjoys it.  We bring the pies, green bean casserole, and scallop corn.  I have learned to make the casserole dishes in the crockpot because they tend to be cold by the time we eat if I do not.  This year I am making to chocolate cream pies.  One will stay home with us.  We typically have left overs but the chocolate cream pie is usually less then the pecan, pumpkin, or the banana cream pie.  Plus it is the boys' favorite.

As I was picking up my supplies for what I need to bring, I picked up a ham and turkey for our Christmas dinner.  I could not pass up the special, buy a certain type of ham and get a turkey free.  Seriously!!!  I ended up spending only $19.99 for both turkey and ham.  This naturally spirals my mind into Christmas baking.  I am trying to make my list of goodies that I will be making.  I hope to get a jump start on some of the baking at the beginning of December and take advantage of my Tuesdays I will have off.

I have my Black Friday shopping planned.  Well as planned as I can for now.  I love , they scan the Black Friday ads a head of time, unfortunately Best Buys is always different because it depends on your location.  Some of their special deals can be purchased today for Silver reward members and Jackpot Matthew is, so I am in hopes of getting the 24 inch flat screen for $79.99 today for one of the boys.  I told you, I have my shopping planned out.  Everything is listed according to the store and time of the sale.  I also have totals figured up with tax so I know how much to bring with me ahead of time.  I am trying hard to stick to my budget.  I want some of this overtime to go towards my medical bills.

I am looking forward to the holiday weekend.  It will be great to have long weekend with Todd having it off as well.  This will be the first year since I moved in with him that he has the 4 day weekend with me.  After our Black Friday shopping, we will be babysitting Taj and keeping him over night.  Our first slumber party with Taj.  I am in hopes of doing some crafts with him, well okay getting his hand prints for some gifts for his Mommy.

I have many baskets to make of goodies from canning.  I found another Jackpot with Michael's all their ribbons are 50% off.  I hope the baskets turn out as cute for real as I have them planned in my head.  I have to finish painting two of the wine glasses for Kera's gift.  I am in hopes of doing this Saturday or Sunday. I love this time of the year but I always push myself to such extremes that I am so tired, so I am trying to plan things a little more in advance.  Knowing me, this will not help much because I will find something else to do later.  It is just the way I am.

My Uncle passed away on Thursday.  This time my Mom was allowed to go to the memorial service.  I hate the way my Mom's side of the family treats her all because of the greedy people they are.  I want to scream at them for everything they have done to her but it would be a waste of time because they do not see what they did.  She was the executor of my Grandfather's will and estate.  She did exactly what he wanted, yet they wanted more.  To be honest, the lawyer told her she is giving them more then what they were entitled because two of the life insurance policies were in her name only, but she told the lawyer that the policies would be split into 1/8 so each child will get a share.  This is what her father wanted.  The only thing she did not do that with was his house.  He told her to do whatever she wanted with the house since she was the one who took care of him while he was sick until the end when my Mom could not do all of it on her own anymore.  My Mom had every intention to split it with all of them, until she found out that 4 of them went to a lawyer to see if they could sue her for more.  They were told she gave them more then what was entitled to them.  Then 2 of them started to make comments that they were going to destroy her car or catch her house on fire.  This is when my Mom said she had enough and it changed her mind, she was going to keep the house for herself.  They were crazy right from the start after his death.  I mean seconds after his death.  Calling all hours of the day telling her they want this or that.  They did not even allow my Mom to grieve for her father.  Since his death they talk bad about her.  She had a horrible accident and was in the hospital.  Only 1 of her 7 siblings came up to see her the others mentioned too bad she did not die.  She has lost 2 brothers since then that she was not even allowed to come to the funeral, one did not even list her as a sibling.  Isn't that sick?  Greed makes people so ugly.  I bring all of this up because this weekend I heard from cousins how my Mom ruined the family.  It just angers me, they have no idea what really went on.  I was there with Mom most of the time, especially when Grandpa was sick and dieing because I lived with her during that time going through my divorce.  I had to speak up to my cousins telling them what happened, what she went through.  I know some wished they never talked ill about her at all.  It is so sad, I wanted my boys to have a relationship with my large family but they barely know them because of crud like this.  I want the best for my boys.  What parent doesn't?

I am so happy this week will be a short work week.  I feel very overwhelmed with work right now.  I know I am not the only one, just about everyone in my office is.  It is just that time of year that is crazy for us.  I do enjoy keeping busy, I just wished we had the staff to handle it properly.  A few of the temps are not cut out for this job at all.  I could not believe what I heard one of them say to a caller.  The person he was enrolling must have worked for one of our clients that do not allow domestic partner's to be on the plan.  I heard him say, "I know man, why don't you just make it legal?   Take a few hours off and take her to the court house and make it legal.  That is what I did."  I thought are you for real!  Are you seriously saying that out loud to one of our callers?  Thankfully his last day will be tomorrow.  To me that is not the image of our company at all.  Some of the temps I will miss because I find them to be great people.  I am in hopes of keeping in touch with some of them.

Beginning of the year we will be back to painting rooms in the house.  I am excited to complete the house to have me in it too.  Seriously, I have been planning images in my head since May for each room.  I had to wait for the garden season to end and now the holidays since decorations will be in the way.  Who knows, maybe I can start some on the main bathroom.  See...there I go finding something else that to make me go CooCoo during the holidlay season.  LOL

Happy Monday All!

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