Saturday, November 12, 2011

Random Ramblings

I have never felt more exhausted emotionally and mentally from work before.  This week took it's toll on me, especially Friday.  After the first 30 minutes of work I wanted to pull some of my hair out.  NEVER have I felt like this.  I know I have been working overtime and all but it was just everything not even the hours.  Open Enrollment and we were busy!!!  I have trained 23 temps, we lost a 4 because they did not work out.  After the first 30 minutes I was on a call that was difficult itself and had 7 other instant messaging me for assistance as well.  Basically I was taking 8 calls at the same time because I would have to pull up the data sheets of the other clients to assist the people instant messaging me.  It was like this ALL day, well at least 3-4 instant messaging me at the same time.  After 6 hours of my 10 hour day, I was done.  I was doing everything in my power not to cry.  I was just exhausted from it all and looking forward to my last 2 hours of the day when all the temps would go home.  All the co-workers in other departments that were helping would go home.  2 hours of me doing my work.  Working on the one call on my phone.

It has been hard at work with all the cut backs and 6 others on my team moving to other departments.  It hit me Thursday the writing on the wall about the company I am working for.  I think I am piecing things together that does not look good for our office.  Now about a year ago our company re-organized we became part of another entity.  We all were concerned but we were told we had nothing to worry about.   I think they were wrong.  My team is down in staff very much so, we have proven you can get by with hiring temps and training crazy to cover our peak time.  Over the nearly 7 years I have seen some cutbacks off and on.  The first executive director retired shortly after my first year.  She saw signs with the way the company was going.  They filled it with one gentleman and then let him go shortly after a year.  They left the position open for awhile then filled it with someone else for less then 2 years and then out he went.  Next the second executive director was rehired for another year or so then out he went and a few months later came the next executive director.  I really enjoyed this one.  He was very company and people oriented.  Last week we found out they were letting him go this time the eliminated the position entirely and the managers are reporting to the office in the Maryland.  This was the piece that started to make things add up to me from the time the announcement was made with our name change and entity within the company. 
  • This entity has much larger Call Centers.  Our size is dwindling and they are not having us fill the positions.
  • Our HR person transferred to another position.  It was told that they are not filling it and we will be report to the Maryland.
  • We had a position in Quality Assurance open.  Corporate approved of filling the position but filled it in Ohio.  Part of the company that does the same thing as one of our other departments.  This part is more profitable then the one in my office.
  • Our lease is up for our building within a year and they are not informing the person in charge of the building what we will be doing, except to tell him not to schedule more routine maintenance to the building past that time.  This happened to our Cedar Rapids office and when the lease ran out, they moved them into our office.
  • The only department that is profitable for our office is Execucare and this product will end beginning of the year due to HealthCare Reform.
  • Now eliminating the executive director's position.
I think my office is going to be closed shortly around the time the office's lease is up.  The company can easily absorb our jobs in other locations, the only department they cannot is one and they are just starting to build this product in another location.  I just hope the job market is better if and when the time comes.

I just mailed my Autumn Swap gifts.  I am super excited.

Tomorrow is my youngest son's birthday.  He will be 12 years old.  Where did the time go?  I cannot believe he is in 6th grade, his last year in elementary.  My last child's last year in elementary.  I am concerned for him a little.  Tonight is suppose to be a slumber party and none of the guest have responded yet.

Yesterday my husband heard he is not getting the supervisor job that he has been temporary filling since July.  Beginning of the new year he will be working 3rd shift once again with 4 days on and 2 days off.  I will miss him on the weekends and nights.  I am very sad for him in some ways, but I think others this job would be a mistake for him.  It is not a protected job like the dispatcher job is.  At least I get the holidays with him this year.  All of them and I am excited for that.



  1. Sounds like my week at work. Hopefully you can take it easy this weekend. And about your husbands job, one door closes and another opens. Always keep that in mind. My husband works an odd shift so our time is mainly late at night or weekends. Do what we have to do. He has a job to help support our family so we are blessed. Have a great Sunday!

  2. Sounds like a tough road ahead and a good time to beef up an emergency fund!


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