Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

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Last year in November I posted Thankful Thursday every Thursday.  I know I have my Wednesday Woo Hoo that I am starting to link to Mamarazzi's Happy List on Tuesday, but with the spirit of November and Thanksgiving, I am going to post Thankful Thursdays once more.

This Thankful Thursday I am Thankful for the same individuals that I posted last year.  I am Thankful for my husband.  He still proves to me I am worthy and I thank the good Lord just about every day that he brought this man into my life.  I am Thankful for my boys.  Each one I still have a relationship, they are teens or nearly teens and do go through phases that are very tough and heart pulling but I do have a relationship with them and I am thankful for that, plus I love these boys ever since their existence.  I am Thankful for my step daughters, it was a long road and tough one at times but I am thankful for where we are in our relationship at this moment.  I am Thankful for my Mom, she has inspired me in so many ways.  I am Thankful for my sisters but still long for our closeness we lost.  I am Thankful for Todd's Mom.  It's great to have a wonderful Mother-In-Law.  I truly care for her as well as Todd's sister.  I am thankful for my friends because they mean so much to me old and new.  If they only knew how much seasoning they have provided in my life.  I am still Thankful for family members I have found through facebook and the Internet.  Life gives so many road blocks but it is nice we can find one another again and enjoy each other as we used to.

This year and my addition to this post is I am Thankful for my relationship with my father.  It may not be as close as my Mom, but this year I have forgiven him for what he has done in the past.  It was tough but he has proven he really wants a relationship with the boys and I.  I am Thankful I took down my walls the weekend in May when Joshua graduated, seeing his tear in his eye from the joy of a simple picture that I gave him of Joshua when he was very young touched my heart.  Although nearly a month ago we (the family) did not receive the greatest news about my Father, I am Thankful he has proven that he is worthy to be on the liver donor list waiting for his transplant that will hopeful occur prior to the cancer spreading.


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  1. What a beautiful post! Makes you really appreciate what is important!


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