Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am Thankful and grateful for being a Grandma. It is the best feeling in the world, right next to be a parent and a wife to a man that truly loves you and appreciates you. The best thing about being a Grandma is you can do all the fun things you did with your children and you do not have to be the disciplinary parent. I get to be the good guy with this child. I will guide and never do anything harmful but I plan on a lot of fun activities with this little guy and any future cousins or siblings he may have in the future.

My children have always been and will be important to me. The have been the center of my world for years. Now one of my stepdaughters has given me a great gift of being a Grandmother. I can not express in words how Thankful I am for this little boy. He is such a bright spot in our lives. This one little boy has brought our blended family together. He actually has. We have been a blended family for a while now but some of the children still carried grudges and sometimes I still saw girls vs. boys when I thought we were way past this stage. This single baby, all 4 lbs and 3 oz at birth, blended the entire family. I love it! He has warmed the hearts of everyone and everyone is accepting everyone. Those who had problems in the past have moved beyond it. I see the older two actually blending now. It warms my heart.

I am so Thankful Taj is such a healthy boy and happy. I can see how much he loves me as well as his Grandpa. He even adores the boys, they make him laugh. He watches every move they make. I know they will think he is not so cool once he is on the move and into their business but every older child goes through this.

I am Thankful that the past few months it has been easier with the boys. No big challenges or confrontations. It looks like I will have a year break before Noah becomes the awful 13. The year I do not like nearly as much as Senior Year in High School.

I am Thankful that my husband tells me sweet things just out of the blue. Last night right after we snuggled he stated: “You know with all of the crap and right now it feels like a lot of crap going wrong, I feel fortunate that you are my bright spot in my life. I can always count on you.” He has told me several times how I mean so much to him and he is grateful I am here in his life. *sigh* I have been blessed by God with this man. It took me a long time to find him but I am thrilled he is my husband.
I am Thankful that I have many more followers on my blog this year. This time last year I had 10 followers. I now have 35. How exciting! I started my blog here to keep all my thoughts and photos (need to add more once I have a better scanner) for my boys to have something of me always. It was a scary time and I had some worries that I have not shared enough of my memories with the boys, so I wanted to blog about them as well as what is going on now and sharing photos and recipes. Eventually I learned a whole world of blogging and it has grown to more then just a blog for the boys. I have made so many new friends and love it. I have been lonely and missing closeness of friends since I moved to Iowa City. I now have my blog friends and the Internet to socialize and I am not as lonely. I hope someday I may meet some of my Internet friends in real life.


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  1. Many blessings! My stepson's twin boys are 4 now, and being a grandma is definitely something I'm thankful for!


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