Monday, November 7, 2011

This Little Piggy

This past weekend I watched Taj both Saturday and Sunday.  Todd was home on Sunday and assisted as well.  Taj loves interaction and we played and played while he was awake.  I need to refresh my memories and learn my interactive songs once again.  It has been twelve years since I sung them with a small one.  Sunday we sang "I'm a Little Tea Pot".  He loved it.  He also loves "This Little Piggy"!  He just discovered his toes which is so much fun.  Whenever I change his diaper I am always pretending that I am going eat his little toes and tell him piggy piggy piggy...yum yum yum.  He loves it.  He giggles and has even snorted a few times. 
While we were playing "This Little Piggy" a memory of Joshua came rushing back.  Joshua was 3 and I was pregnant with Ethan.  His Aunt gave him 3 pennies and told him to go put it in his piggy bank.  He had such a huge smile like he had gold in his little palm.  He dropped down to the floor and tugged at his little sock until it came off.  We all looked at him as what was he going to do now?  Joshua has always been unpredictable.  He then started to place each penny in between his toes.  Everyone, except for me started to laugh, I then asked him what he was doing.  With his angelic look, he looks up at me and states matter of fact.  I am putting my monies in my piggies.  It took everything inside me not to laugh because it was so adorable.  I just explained that his piggy bank is his puppy that has the hole on the head and off we went to find it and fed the pennies inside.  I love having wonderful memories like that it makes life now so much brighter.  Children are a true gift from God. 


  1. Oh my gosh!! What an adorable memory!!!

  2. so precious. love kids, most def a gift from God!!

  3. Oh, how sweet! Don't forget the itsy, bitsy spider song!


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