Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 To Do List

I did not complete my 2011 Goals and right now I am okay with that.  
On to a new set of Goals.  This year I plan to add it to my profile design. 
I am thinking seeing my 2012 goals will help me stay on track.
I am not good at resolutions but To Do List I typically am if I can see it and cross it off my list
So I think this just may work.

2012 To Do List

Closet in the Small Living Room
Spare Bedroom/Cat Room
Bedroom Closet
Back Porch

Complete Kitchen (except the counter top)
Complete Main Living Room
Complete Foyer
Main Bathroom
My Bedroom
Ethan's Bedroom

University of Iowa Hospital Bill
Mercy Hospital Bill
Master Card
Combine Banking Accounts
Noah's Bedroom

Drop 2 sizes in clothing
Take time to do my hair

Read 3 Books
The Shack
The Help
(any good suggestions for more books)

Add to my butterfly garden
Make a new bird bath
Make new bird feeders
Figure out how to keep bunnies from eating my Lily Garden
Make a new flower garden with my trellis
Can or Freeze more veggies this year.

I am ready for a new year.
I am ready for a new beginning.
I am ready to be happy again.
2012 please be there for me.
What are you new goals/to do list/ resolutions?

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