Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Future Job Market?

We definitely like in an era of electronics! Yes, they do make our life easier, however it truly scares me for the future of my children and grandchildren.   I mean, look at the newspaper industry.  Many are dieing because people do not buy or have papers delivered to their house any more, instead they read it online.  I am guilty of it myself.  It just saddens me that this will disappear eventually.  How many jobs will be obsolete?

The banking industry is the same thing.  First it was ATM cards.  Yes, they are convenient but people are writing less checks, there for the banks do not need people to encode the checks to have the sorters read the checks and then they also do not need reconcilers to make sure the accounts balance out.  Next the banks and stores started to take the checks or deposits that are being turned in and having them electronically sent...again less encoders needed, sorter operators, and reconcilers.  I know this because I used to work at a bank that did exactly that.  Now there is maybe just three people left only when it was maybe a hundred people in all shifts.  Next banks are scanning the checks at the ATM or taking the cash with out envelopes and will be less tellers at the banks.

Look at the book industry, so many people getting electronic books instead of actual books. 

We are losing our ability or more the human touch in many services any more.  What will our children's lives be like in the future?  Do you see what I am talking about?  What kind of job market will there be?  I see so many jobs becoming obsolete because of our era of electronics.  How very very sad!


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