Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shutterfly Book Giveaway

One of the blogs I follow Forgetfulone is having a giveaway.  Her awesome give away is Shutterfly Book Giveaway.   It is strange because just the other day I was thinking how I want to make one of these books for Kera for Mother's Day.  A book of Taj's first year.  Two days after I mentioned it to my Mom, Forgetfulone post her giveaway.  I am going to try my best to win.  Either way, I plan to get one for her.

I made one for Todd and I back in 2008 when we had our perfect get away to Chicago.  That magical weekend.  I wanted something for us to look at whenever we wanted to reflect on that weekend.  I want Kera to have this great feeling as well with her book of Taj's first year. 

Anyway,  Check out her the link above regarding the giveaway or check out this link to her home page.  I thoroughly enjoy checking her blog out.

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