Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Grandma Is HAPPY


Part of this I typed to post last week, but failed to do so... It will be the section in Red.

What makes me HAPPY this week is Taj!

His first tooth finally broke through and the tooth on the right should be any day.  This makes me so HAPPY because the poor guy has been teething for 4 months now.  They swell and then go down, finally the poor guy will have some relief and maybe his little cute button nose will stop running.  Poor little cuet button nose!  However, he was still HAPPY while he went through all of this except for us wiping that cute little button nose of his.

Taj has been in a crawling mode since January 21st.  He will get on his hands and knees and just rock.  He then started to try to stand in an arch position.  He crawled for the first time at our house on Sunday.  HAPPY!  He crawled to his grandma for the first time!  HAPPY!  I am the person he first crawled ever too!  This makes me super HAPPY!  Once he was in my arms, he giggled and kissed my face all over.  I had to wipe the wetness off my face because of all the kissing.  I love baby kisses, they make me HAPPY too!  I love being a grandma, it makes me so HAPPY!

Today was my day off...HAPPY!  The next few weeks I am working 4-10 hour days with Tuesday off.  Kera picked up an extra shift this week, so to save her from paying an extra day, Todd and I watched Taj.  HAPPY!!!!  This little bundle of joy makes me so HAPPY!  He was a HAPPY boy all day for us.  Taj crawled twice from my bedroom to the kitchen to go to grandma!  He loves his grandma!  He loves grandpa as well!  We took him to lunch with us and he was such a good boy!

I was hoping to take a picture of his little tooth, he looks so cute when he smiles with his tiny little tooth.  Unfortunately I did not take his picture, I will have to definitely take the picture this weekend when we watch him.  I love his little guy so much!

What are you HAPPY about this week? Link up to Mamarazzi's HAPPY.

Come back tomorrow and to see my Wednesday Woo Hoo!


  1. I am HAPPY that we are going to Disney World next week:-)

    He is soooooooo precious!

  2. oh that little man is just darling! what wonderful little spirit he has, you can see it leap from the pictures.

    thanks for linking up your happy list, sorry i am late getting here, my internet is finally working properly. i love basking in your happiness!


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