Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy List


What makes me HAPPY is that I have today off!  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!  I volunteered to work 4 - 10 hours days with Tuesday off while we have this client and FINALLY because there were no holidays this week I get to work it.

HAPPY tomorrow we will be picking up the new flooring for my entry/foyer/hallway.  I am excited.  I am in hopes to have both living rooms painted by the end of this month.  My only concerns is the painting that needs to be done on the stairs.  I just do not know how we are going to reach...or should I correct myself, how Joshua is going to reach. 

I am also HAPPY that I have the plans all made for the two bathrooms as well. I can not wait to have this house be MY HOME too.  This April will be 7 years living here and last year was the first time (my Kitchen) that I felt like an inside of the house was me too.  Todd lived here with his ex-wife for nearly 4 years prior to their divorce.  I am just super HAPPY that we will have color on the walls...GOODBYE white walls... HAPPY *with a singing voice*.  Oh please do not get me wrong, but I have lived in apartments for so long prior to the house my ex and I purchased and most of the time there we had white walls.  The dorms had white walls, so you see... I am ready for COLOR.

I am also HAPPY, tomorrow the Christmas tree will go down.  We had our Christmas with Todd's side of the family last Saturday.  It was very enjoyable.  On January 21st we will go to Des Moines and celebrate Christmas with my side of the family.

What do you have to be HAPPY about?  Link up to Mamarazzi's HAPPY.


  1. We are thinking about painting a couple of rooms this summer--we need to be able to open windows.
    Color is a good thing.

  2. Lots of great stuff to be happy for! :) Go you!

  3. that's a whole lot of Happy!!

    i love making decorative changes, i cannot wait to see it all in pics!

    thanks for linking up!!


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