Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pin It Friday

I love Pinterest.  I really do!  I get so many ideas, sometimes to make what I see.  Sometimes I take one thing and another and piece another look or image in my head. 5 Minutes for Moms is now hosting a Pin It Friday for those of us who are Pinterest addicts.  Here is my post this week.

As my followers know I, I am planning on this year make my house my home too!  I want my house to say Jolene lives here now too!

Our current bed is the exact same bed that Todd and his ex wife shared.  Yeah, I think that too.  The headboard used to be part of an old water bed they had.  They cut the water bed part off and kept the headboard of it.  It is nice BUT our mattress is a king size.  I think the headboard is for a queen or full size bed.  I have wanted to make a headboard for years, even with my first husband.  My original thought way back then was to make a headboard out of picket fences with bird houses on the post.  Only my style is not that now.  Oh I would still love to have that headboard but more for a guest bedroom not the master bedroom.

One day while I was searching on Pinterest, I found this pin.  I liked the headboard a lot, so I clicked on it to see how it was made and found the site had other DIY headboards.  Low and behold, I found it.  I found the headboard I want for Todd and I.  Here is is.  Clicking on the picture will bring you to the website I found the instructions.  It is made from two shutters.  I absolutely love it.
After finding this I went searching for the print I want.  Knowing we have a Joann Fabric here, I checked their website and found it.
 It is so perfect.  I was telling Todd what I wanted to make.  I do not think he was impressed with a headboard made from shutters until I showed him.  He found it interesting and said he liked it.  He is learning to trust my direction with decorating.  He is not one who likes change but he loves my changes.

Here is what my bedding looks like.

I can not wait until it gets a little warmer so I can make it.  Only problem is... I need to make over my bedroom first as well. 

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  1. I love it! I am on pinterest too and its very addicting.


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