Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sometimes Lyrics Just Ruin The Song

I have heard this song a few times.  At first I loved it the moment I heard it...what a happy up beat melody.  I just could not understand the lyrics.

One day this week I asked one of my co-workers..."Hey, your daughter is into Pop Music.  What is the name of the song that has... All The Little Kids... in it and and ... Run Fast As You Can In It...?"  She instant message me back "You Better Run, Better Run, Faster Than My Bullet :)  Pumped Up Kicks."  My response *jaw dropping open and hitting me desk*  "What?  They are telling the kids to run faster than the bullet?"  Her response "Yeah, I had to look at the lyrics and the meaning to be okay with my daughter listening to it.  It is about a boy being bullied."

This of course made me curious so I had to check it out.  I did NOT find the same thing she did.  I found according to the composer, he wanted to write a song from the perceptive of the person who is being abused and over time felt like the only way out was to kill people. Listen to the lyrics, his father is coming home to beat him, his dinner is in the fridge on ice.  He kills his father and is going to school to kill next. opinion of this song has changed now  TREMENDOUSLY.  They lyrics alone would make me question it. I can NOT see anything in the lyrics that would make me okay that my daughter is listening to this.  I know we have freedom of speech and one of the things I love about America but why would we promote school shootings?  It is so sad because I love the catchy beat.  I just could not sign along with it, nor do I want to now. 


  1. Jolene,

    I, too, had the issue of really liking the song as long as I didn't listen to the lyrics. I've always known them though. I was quick enough to catch gun, bullets, run, etc. It's weird hearing kids "sing" this at the top of their lungs.

    While I do like other Foster the People songs, this one I have decided stays off my playlist. Since Keb listens to what we do, he doesn't hear it much either.

    It's a hard thing to work with music you question. Do your boys listen to it?

  2. Noah and Joshua do. Noah will not any more though, or at least with me around. It's very very sad. I did listen to other songs by The Foster Group, I am okay with them.

    Am I just getting old or what?

  3. I agree. When I first heard the song, I enjoyed the beat as well. Then I looked at the lyrics after a friend mentioned it on Facebook and was like wow really. I change the song every time its on now. I just can't listen to it the same anymore.


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