Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Woo Hoos

Woo Hoo Christmas is officially over with for me!  Woo Hoo!  Christmas tree will go down this weekend.

This last Saturday, Todd and my boys went to Des Moines to celebrate Christmas with them.  It was a DRAMA free get together... Woo Hoo.  Can I say that again... no scream it!  WOO HOO, WOO HOO, WOO HOO!  Last Tuesday I was on facebook and my sister Lisa started to chat with me.  This is a rare event.  I asked if she was going to be there because I wanted to see her too.  Typically she is not there.  She has been avoiding my Mom's place since Thanksgiving.  Can we say major drama there and another big Woo Hoo I was not there.  She told me she can not be there when Amy (our other sister) is there.  I asked her to please try to over come it this time since Dad is so sick. I asked her if she had heard about his MRI results.  She mentioned she did but she always has to hear bad new twice in order for it to sink in and asked for me to tell her again.  I told her that they found another spot in the liver but would not confirm over the phone if it was cancer.  On Thursday a team of doctors from Des Moines and the University of Iowa were going to meet and then talk to him what his next plan of action was.  I do not know if it was my chat or the results on Thursday (It is cancer; it has spread to another part of the liver.  No organ transplant at all now because of the new cancer, never an option.  It was the only option for a cure.  Chemo treatment now, however the doctor feels that may be too risky.  No operation to remove part of the liver or even biopsy to find out what stage he is in because the liver is in such bad shape he will not survive the operation.  The doctors noted that he is turning a little yellow because of the liver and that he is bloated around the liver because of fluid build up.)  My sister Lisa was there.  Woo Hoo!  I enjoyed her company and her being goofy.  She left shortly before 2 when my sister Amy was scheduled to be off, so they were not around one another.  If this means peace and harmony and I am able to see both then Woo Hoo for the compromising they made.

Woo Hoo the little girls loved our presents.  My sister, Katie's girls and my nephew's little girl are so into Barbies.  I have sisters that are 13 and 11 years younger than I am so we have a wide range of nieces and nephews.  My nephew that has a daughter the same age as her little girl is only 5 years younger than Katie is.  I was thrilled to see my nephew.  It has been nearly two years since I have seen him.  He and his wife are expecting their first boy this April.  Woo Hoo!

Woo Hoo I have a Mother that can forgive my Father's mistakes and is willing to help him when he needs it.  I think she is a remarkable woman.  I do not think I could be that type of person with my ex that she is with hers.

I did not notice much yellow coloring in my father. Woo Hoo!  That made me feel better.  He was rather bloated in his gut area, I hope the water pill work for that.  His quality of life right now is 100% Good.  Woo Hoo!  We all have accepted that he is going to die.  There is nothing going to cure him, but right now we will enjoy what time he has and the quality of life he has.
I was able to take a picture of him and my boys.  I posted earlier that it was the first one of them, however as I drove to work I realized I was wrong.  The first of my four boys and their Grandfather (with Grandmother) was last May when Joshua graduated.  This is the first ever of just the boys and Grandpa.  I had my Mom take one of the boys and myself with him as well.
Just look at Caedance's (my great niece) facial.  I just love this girl, so full of character.
Here is one of my sister Lisa and her son Fred and his family.  Her daughter Julie is in another state, her husband is in the service, however she is suppose to be back in May after Fred's little boy is born.  I due hope we all get together then.  I want a family picture of us in the worse way while my Dad is here still.

Woo Hoo for a wonderful Saturday!

What do you have to Woo Hoo about?

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