Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wooden Angel

I made this angel years ago.  While I was at my Mom's I found it again.  I am thinking about making some for Christmas next year to decorate part of the house with, in Christmas colors.

It's easy is how I made it.  Her body is a wooden candle stick that I picked up at Michael's craft store.  The head is a wooden ball.  Paint the body and the ball the same color.  A little paper raffia torn for the bow tie.  The halo is a small grape vine wreath...very small grape vine wreath.  Now the for the wings.  Take a brown paper sack.  Cut out the pattern of your wings.  After the wings have been cut out, apply a thick layer of Aileen's tacky glue, while it is still wet place the wing under a fire.  Yes, you burn some of the tacky glue off.  It will look like a roasted marshmallow.  You will have to do one side of the wing at a time in order to lay the wing down to dry.  Once both sides have this process down, the next thing you will need to do is sponge a little bit of yellow paint on it here and there.  This will give an illusion leather.  Add any type of decoration to the wing that you want.  With your hot glue, glue the wooden ball to the body, the grape vine to the wooden ball.  Place your wings in the back of the body.

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