Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

You all know that Todd and I went away for New Year's Eve.  We did!  It was such a wonderful rejuvenating get away.  My Mother-In-Law got a junior suite for us at the Isle of Capri.  Every now and then she does this for us and we greatly appreciate it.   When we typically go we do not go to the casino often while we stay, just getting a room to relax is great to us.  We typically bring the lap top, not to be on the Internet but to watch movies that we may have rented.  We typically bring a book and just relax and enjoy. A little background Todd and I do not typically play slots when we are there we play Black Jack.  Before I met Todd I would go once in a great while to the casino to play slots but never came home a winner.  Whenever I do play, I only play $40 the most. After meeting Todd he taught me how to play Black Jack.  I would rather play where I have some choice and know the odds like you do in Black Jack.  One time while we were there Todd gave me $20 and told me to play the slot machine while we waited for his mom to finish.  After my third spin I hit a bonus round and won a little over $200.  I was so shocked his Mom was very surprised that I just quit.  We have a rule...once you double up you walk away.  DONE!  I typically stick to it. 

This time it was New Year's Eve so we wanted to join in with the crowd some.  Typically when we stay his Mom gets dinner for us as well at the buffet.  New Year's Eve his sister met with us as well for dinner.  While we waited for her to arrive, his mom wanted to show us how the casino remodeled.  We stepped in and noticed the new carpet and the remodeling.   That night while we were waiting Todd handed me a $20 and told me to play the slot machine next to his mother and then teased me saying just double it.   After four spins I looked at Todd and told him I am going to play the maximum and did...I did not win, so I hit repeat button without thinking...I just played the maximum again only this time I won and put it up over $20 again...I was down to $13. Two more spins and I hit the bonus round with 5 free spins after the bonus round we were up $60.75 so I cashed out and smiled at him.  He laughed and told me I did well, I tripled it and gave me a kiss.  We then met up with his sister and enjoyed our dinner.    

After dinner they went to play slots, Todd and I went back to the room, it was only 6:30 and we did not want to play so early, you know just in case we did not win.  We wanted to be on the boat at Midnight to enjoy the experience with everyone.  We watched The Big Bang Theory until 9 pm.  We both love the humor in that comedy.  We headed over to the boat and waited about 20 minutes for one of the $5 minimum tables to have a couple of spots.  We played I doubled less than an hour after starting.  I did not want to just stand around for 2 hours, so I continued to play.  I never touched my original money I placed down after doubling the first time.  I played with only the winnings.  I did not want to walk away a loser this night.  11:15 pm they started to hand out black beads to everyone.  Shortly after the beads came the hats, then the noise makers, then glasses of champagne.  I have never had a New Year's Eve like in the movies with all of the accessories.  We counted down, we blew our noise makers, Todd and I kissed one another, we toasted our glasses of champagne ...2012 welcome.  I welcome the New Year.  I walked away from the table shortly after $5 up actually $25 up after counting half of my winnings from earlier in the night.  Todd gave the full $40 to me but I gave him half...*wink* this way I doubled his money for him still.   We went to the Red Eye Buffet and I called the boys to wish them Happy New Year.  Once we returned to our room we found a bottle of wine in our room, compliments from the hotel.

I had a wonderful time saying good-bye to 2011 and hello to 2012.  I hope everyone of you had a wonderful one too.

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  1. Sounds like a fun, and relaxing way to ring in the New Year!


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