Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy List


This week's HAPPY List:

I am very HAPPY that Jim's surgery went well.  Jim is Todd's Mom's (Connie) boyfriend.  The two should be married because they have been with one another for years.  He had an aneurysm that needed an abrasive surgery.  There was a possibility that he could have lost a kidney from treating the aneurysm.  They had to shut off many organs and move his intestines to get to it.  It was a very risky surgery.  HAPPY that he did better then the thought and did not lose a kidney.  HAPPY that Connie can worry less.  His surgery was Monday and he is still in ICU.  He may be in the hospital for at least 2 weeks.  With all of the bad news and all going on in my life I can not express how HAPPY finally some good news!

I am HAPPY that my Saturday (well Todd's and mine) get away was good.  A full day and night getting away.  The lap top did not work so we could not watch our DVD we brought.  We ended up in the Casino since nothing was on t.v.  HAPPY we ended up being there for 3 hours and walked away $5 ahead.  HAPPY that we did not walk away down.  I broke even.  I broke our rule...double up and quit.  I wanted to win some of the money that Todd lost.  I thought I would play with the winnings and leave my original $40 alone, this way I would not be out too.  Todd won everything back plus $5.  Once we finished the shoe, we thought we would walk away while we were ahead.  HAPPY.  The tub...HAPPY...HEAVENLY HAPPY!  A warm jacuzzi tub. I love this tub.  We came back home to a house that was not torn up at all...HAPPY!

What do you have to be HAPPY about?  Come join Mamarazzi and post your Happy List.

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  1. getaways are so wonderful!

    Blogjogging from Mamarazzi! http://livelaughloveandchaos.blogspot.com/

  2. LOVE a weekend away with my honey, i am super jealous. i am also super happy that it was wonderful, sounds fabulous!


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