Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy List


This week's HAPPY List:

I know... maybe an over kill with my grandson being making my Happy List...but HE MAKES ME SO HAPPY!  It just does not matter what kind of problems are being thrown at me, Taj just makes me HAPPY.

He loves his Grandma too!  Oh, do not get me wrong, he loves Grandpa, but Grandma sits down with him on the floor while he is playing.  She is there for him to crawl to when he wants to climb up on her lap.  Grandpa is great at flying him in the air as if he is a plane and doing some crash (soft) landing on the bed.  HAPPY!!!  I love watching Todd playing with him.

However, Grandpa gets involved with t.v. or the computer so it is Grandma who entertains more.  I was able to take more pictures this past Saturday when we watched him.  I love his dimple smile in this one.

Just looking at it makes me HAPPY on so many levels of HAPPINESS. 
This is the sparkle in the eyes I get when he sees me.  How can anyone not be HAPPY when you have a sparkly, twinkled eyes smile like this?  Not me...HAPPY, HEART MELTING every time.

I am also HAPPY I was able to do some crafting on Sunday.  Here are just a couple of things I made this weekend...

I also made a couple of small hurricanes out of a couple of glasses and a couple of candle stick holders from the Dollar Tree... my cost...$4 for the set.  I will post pictures later of this when it comes time for Easter decorations.

OH and a HAPPY for finding out who my Favorite Things Swap.  I am looking forward to getting to know her.  

What do you have to be HAPPY about?  Come join Mamarazzi's party.

Check back tomorrow to see what I have to Woo Hoo about on Wednesday.


  1. How can you not put that beautiful face on your happy list??? So sweet!

  2. OMG he is just precious. if he was in my life he would be on my happy list every week.

    LOVE the letters, so cute!

    i think you will love your partner and they of course will love you!

    great happy list my friend, thanks for linking up.


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