Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I am addicted to Pinterest.  I love getting ideas from it.  I came across this adorable Valentine's Day decoration, simply taking wooden letters, pretty scrap book paper, and mod podge.   I wanted the black boarder on my letters, so I picked up some black paint as well.

Ta Da!  I love it!  Todd loved it!  The boys liked it (okay...they are boys and not much into decoration.)  It actually only took 30 minutes, drying time and all. 

 I just L O V E it.  Just in time for Valentine's Day.

I am going to post this to 5 Minutes for Mom's... Tackle It Tuesday
Making Lemondae's... Refresh Your Nest Friday. 
Adventures-In-Mommy-Land...Weekend Show and Share


  1. Those turned out amazing. I really want to learn the whole Mod Podge thing!

  2. Stopping by from Mommy land.. these are beautiful. Love the colors you chose and the sweet little flowers!


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