Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

Meteorologist use some jet streams to aid with weather forecasting.  Some storms follow jet streams patterns.  Well, I am ready for my life to follow a different jet stream pattern.  Yes, I am ready for the storms to be over.  Today the weather was a rough one and they will probably scratch that will have some damages after the storms settle.

Today I filed a letter with the court house regarding the supervision of my grandson and his father.  I hope that my step daughter does not get into trouble from this at all, but I can not give what was being told to me.  I was never explained that I was going to be the supervised person, nor any clue the amount of hours they were expecting me to do this.  I have things I have to take care of as well.  I will be going to Des Moines more, even if it is by myself.

Back in December when my Dad had his operation to remove the adrenal gland, the oncologists then told us chemo is not an option, the liver transplant is the only hope for his liver cancer.  He had to go 6 months without any new cancer popping or spreading in his liver.  January's MRI showed that the cancer did spread.  The team of doctors in Des Moines talked to the team of doctors (transplant team) in Iowa City.  Transplant was then not an option.  They wanted my Dad to meet up with the chemo doctors (oncologist) to set up chemo for him.  I brought up to my sister and my mother what the surgeon said on December 6th.  They both looked at me as if I was crazy.  My sister denied he said such thing.  I told them they did, it was right after one of his sisters (my aunts) asked about it.  My sister has her hands full with her daughter's health issues.  I understand, this is why I suggested that I go to the doctor appointment.  She insisted that the meeting wait for her to be there too.  I then told her to ask about what the surgeon had told us.  She never did.  They walked away from this meeting with some impression and I have no idea, that he will have a special type of chemo that will isolate the tumor and hopefully with hold the tumor from spreading. 

It has been weeks and my sister never followed up with setting the chemo treatment up.  My father feared the cancer has been spreading inside of him.  I can see his fear, every month since October he has been receiving bad news.  Today she finally called, when she did, they told her they would not set up any chemo treatments for him.  They told her the treatments will not help any so the course of action is to do nothing now.  Nothing at all.  We have no idea how long he has.  We have no idea what stage he is in.  All we do know is we have now.  Now he is not feeling much pain.  He is tired more often, but not in much pain.

Rain Rain 
Go Away
Come Back Some Other Day 

They say sometimes when it rains it pours...I am so ready for some sunshine.  The gray skies makes one truly appreciate the sunny days.

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  1. Oh... I can't even imagine your inner turmoil, heartache, and suffering. I'm still in awe of you're being awake, present, and articulate given what life has thrown at you. You'll be in my thoughts as you go through this. I hope that you're granted a miracle (or three), giving you more time to enjoy your dad.

    (((HUGS))) Wishing you a warm, comforting Wednesday.


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