Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Confessional


It's that time of week again.  What do you have to confess about?

I confess...

I only cried one time this week that is so much better than crying every time I am alone in the car, every night, every morning and sometimes every now and then during the course of the day.  I have been like that for several weeks.

I confess...

The one time I did cry was right after talking to my dad.  It really bothers him that the doctors have given up doing anything to prevent the cancer spreading.  He wants to keep trying even if it is going to cause death to him.  He does not want to sit and wait to die.

I confess...

I am on vacation for a week now.  I need this time away from work.  I just hope this coming week at home is good too.  We have a lot of Spring Cleaning planned and a few fun activities.

I confess...

Todd and I are trying to see if we can get away to Las Vegas in April.  *SMILE*  This will be so much fun if we can.

Short and sweet for a change.  That is all I have to confess.  Do you have anything to confess this week?


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  1. ah vacation time. love it...i could use a week to just clean and organize. i cannot believe how much stuff i want to get rid of. i cannot wait for better weather so i can have a huge yard is time!

    Vegas in April sounds divine, i hope it works for you!!


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