Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy List


Last week made me HAPPY!  No work all week, although I did not get everything done like I wanted or planned I feel so much more rested!  It is *SOUNDS OF ANGLES SINGING* AMAZING how much rest can help when facing life's challenges.  Super HAPPY!  *even doing the Happy Dance Jig (a belated St Patrick's pun there.)*

My floor has been laid now, Todd and Joshua laid it today.  HAPPY.  The baseboards are not added yet, we want to paint them.  Now I have to finish painting the stairway and this section will be done as well as the small living room upstairs.  HAPPY HAPPY!  I just need to finish my window treatment and recover the furniture.  (I'm a little stumped on the recovering the love seat with the wood and all there.)

Joshua actually did the dishes yesterday without me asking.  He also cleaned his room!  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY  I do not know what or why the change BUT *in a singing voice* I'm LOVING it!

Matthew came home last night.  HAPPY The first in 2 weeks, however he is gone again.  It was nice to see him even if it was 3 hours before I went to bed.  He has been able to put a lot of hours in and is staying in the dorm he is not allowed to live in...how ironic huh?

My niece has made it 3 days without any seizures since she has come home from the hospital.  HAPPY!  She has to see the neurologist weekly now.  She was hospitalized last Wednesday because she had 6 seizures in 8 hours.  Poor little thing, but I am so HAPPY she has a new streak.  Look for the little things look for the little things.

My devotions from the Upper Room (online) was very touching.   It actually touched my heart and made me sort of cry.  It has been a long time that something like this has touched me like that.  HAPPY very HAPPY

The entire 'supervised visitation' will come to a final decision this week.  I am HAPPY that this will all be completed.  I am not sure if I am going to be HAPPY with the direction of all of it.  I will explain more on that later if need be.

What are you HAPPY about this week?  Come join the fun with Mamarazzi's page.

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