Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy List


What do you have to be HAPPY about?  Come on and join it at Mamarazzi's site.

I am HAPPY that I was able to wish my father Happy Birthday yesterday.  Seriously, this makes me HAPPY that I am ABLE to do this.  Although during our phone conversation I was not so happy hearing what he was saying.  He is giving up.  He feels if the doctors have given up on him with the cancer, then what is the purpose of going to see them.  I hate hearing this; however I am very very HAPPY with his response to my next question.  I feared that if he was giving up will he go back to drinking.  When I asked this, he answered back rather quickly, as if he did not have to think about it, NO.  He wants to continue his relationship with his girls and grandchildren.  He doesn’t want to lose contact with us or time with us due to alcohol.  This made me so HAPPY.  I do not want to lose my father that way.

I am HAPPY that this Friday we are going to purchase our flight tickets to Las Vegas and figure out our hotel.  I can not believe it, that I am going to actually get on a plane with Todd and have some one on one time with him, in a place we both have never been to and have wanted to go too.  Personally, I do not need to go to the casino; however it would be cool to go.  I want to see the sights.  I want to see the Eifel Tower, because chances are, I will never really go to Paris and see the original.  I want to see the Statue of Liberty because I have never seen the real.  I want to be in a gondola because chances are I will never go to Venice.  I want to see the lights and water fountain at the Bellagio Hotel.  I want to see the beauty of the Las Vegas strip at night and during the day.  I know Todd wants to really play poker there in the worse way.  I hope he does, while he is playing maybe I will get to meet a friend I made nearly 4 or 5 years ago over the internet.  She lives there.  I am so HAPPY we are really going to do this.

I am also HAPPY that my mother will be coming to stay with the boys while we are in Las Vegas.  This makes me very HAPPY that they can be with their Grandma and I know they will be in good hands.

I am HAPPY that I have both parents.  I am HAPPY that my boys are being respectful right now.  I am HAPPY that my marriage is strong once again.

Life is treating me fine right now.  I will take it and this makes me HAPPY.

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