Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hurricane Jar

I made these small hurricane jars when I made the Redneck Wine Glasses.  It is the same processes.  I picked up two candle stick holders at the Dollar Tree as well as 2 large glasses. 

 Add the glass glue to the rim of the candle stick holders and glue to the bottom of the glasses.

After adding the candle sticks in place, I used a book to weigh it down and let it set for 24 hours.

 Add a little Easter grass and 4 Easter Eggs, tie a simple yellow ribbon around the base of the hurricane.  A simple Easter decoration for only $2.00.  I used left over eggs and grass from last year and the ribbon we used for decoration for our wedding.


  1. Adorable and very creative!

  2. Very cute! I saw where this was on Pinterest as well. It's clear you have a gift.

  3. I still think that is the coolest idea I have seen in a while.


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