Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Favorite Things SWAP

This is my second swap and I love doing it.  I had so much fun finding deals and goodies for Mary and hoped she enjoyed my favorite things as much as I am her's.  I enjoyed looking at her blog and seeing the photos of her sons.  She has 3 of them and they are at the perfect ages.  She is also expecting another baby in a few months, her first daughter.  How exciting!  You should go check out her blog... My Family....My World!

 She filled her box with so many goodies.  I loved learning about her.  I plan to mail little box to her this week (along with a box to Rhonda), this box will have 3 special gifts for 3 special boys after their new baby arrives.

Mary did a wonderful job with the goodies she even sent some items for Taj, which was great because he was here the night I received by box of goodies and was right in the action with me when I was opening them.  He thought he could eat each colorful tissue paper.

Here is a list of her Swap Items:

1.  She loves music, how it can calm her down or pump her up.  Gift card for iTunes.   Oh Mary, I LOVE music.  Music is my salvation.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

2.  A package of Jelly Bellys, her all time favorite flavors, this package reminds her of popcorn.  I can see why. I shared this with the family.  The boys devoured it.

3.  Some items she must have in her purse; the gum that makes her purse smell yummy (when I first saw it, I held it up and looked at Todd smiling..."Now, I have been paid in gum too!"  He just laughed at me.) Hand Sanitizer, which she always needs with the kids.  Yes, yes... she is right, especially boys. She also included Soft Lips, that has just the right tint in her opinion.  I can not wait to try it.

4.  Jello is her kids favorite!  She is right a fun snack for all ages!  Our house loves it too!  I can not wait to make the Jigglers in the cute molds she sent.  I think I am going to let Taj have some too, of course when Mom is not around, she seems to be worried of him trying some things, it is a new Mom thing.   I think 9 months is old enough for jello, just my opinion.

5.  She states everyone is into exercise.  (I read this and stopped there- I thought wow, she must be an exercise guru.  I wonder how she is exercising while she is so prego?) I read more... Be more active, Blah!  (Now I realized, she is my kind of girl.)  She has 3 kids and they keep her moving.  She received this item a few years ago and keeps it at her desk she loves it.  (pictured above... the package that has Around The Block)  Okay, at first I did not get it.  It's a blue little block.  I did not have time to read the little poem with it because Taj was trying to eat the red tissue paper it was wrapped in and I was afraid of any dyes of the tissue could possibly make him sick.  However the next day when I placed all my items out to take a picture I read the poem and busted out laughing.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!


They say that we must exercise. 
I know that this is true.
So here is something that I found-
a perfect gift for you.

Take it out! Please don't be shy,
and set it on the floor.
Walk around it one, two, three.
Don't quit; now make it four.

When you are done tuck it away
and shout out loud and clear.
"I walked around a block today."
(And make it sound sincere.)

 6.  The little chirping chick was a little treat for Taj.  I can see why she loved it.  Taj did too.  I had to hang on to it because I wanted a picture of it before he slobbered all over it from kissing it.  He sat there for a long time on my lap smiling at the chick every time I made it chirp for him.

Mary also included Bubbles for Taj.  I opened them and blew the bubbles towards him for awhile.  My husband and I got such a kick out of him.  He sat there with his eyes opened wide at first, then he would reach out trying to pick them up.  I have to get a picture of this while I am on vacation.  It was so much fun watching him.  My boys used to blow bubbles for hours during the summer.  It was a must every summer...several containers of bubbles.

7.  She loves nail polish and always has a nail file with her, it helps her with her extra long work calls.  I'm definitely going to be bringing it to work.  I have a bad habit of biting my nails when I am stressed to the max.  I can let them grow too.  Right now they are short because of the biting, but more of an incentive to not bite, so I can paint them again, this time with the beautiful color she sent.

8.  A box of chocolates!  Her favorite.  I did not share any of these with anyone in the house either.  I know that was bad of me...but oh well, they tasted wonderful!

9.  She said she saw this sign and thought of me, always a good thing to remind yourself how awesome you are.  Awh...what a very sweet thing to say.  The sign reads A SPECIAL MOM LIVES HERE.  Thank you, I love it!

I saved my favorite for last
10.  She painted this flower, it is her new favorite hobby.  Okay, let me say AWESOME GIFT!!!  I love love love crafting!  I love love love flowers!!! I love love love home made gifts!  She did an awesome job on it!

Thank you Mary for the gifts of your favorite things! Thank you Mamarazzi for hosting this swap!


  1. Mary always puts together such a thoughtful awesome package. i love all of the personal touches. the walk around the block is hilarious. i know a few friends who would love love love that!!

    thanks for playing. i love what you sent Mary too!!

  2. Mary did a great job. It is a very thoughtful package. You are a lucky duck!

    Linking from Mamarazzi's :D

    Ricki Jill

  3. Wow, what a great partner you had! And I love that you hid the chocolate for yourself - totally what I would do!


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