Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tackle It Tuesday

I tackled the Kitchen, Spring Cleaning that is.  I washed my walls, ceiling fan, and cupboards down.  I still love the makeover in the kitchen (We also will be adding the white hinges soon.) however the lighter cupboards and lighter wood on the ceiling fan, shows dirt so much quicker.  I also took the shades on the light fixtures and washed them as well.

One area the Kitchen needed a lot of TLC was the dishwasher.  I do not know about you, but I have found the dish washing detergent the past few years seems to be very harsh on my dishwasher.  It is leaving more calcium and hard water deposits.  I have tried the vinegar method and the Tang method, but neither worked for me, so I searched the Internet a little harder this time.  I found this wonderful site How to Clean and Maintain a Dishwasher (I also pined it to Pinterest.) I did exactly what it stated, step by step.  I unplugged the dishwasher and took the spinning thing on the bottom off.  (I know that is not the technical name but that is what I am calling it.) I cleaned this section as good as I can and was rather happy with the way it looked.  I cleaned the spinning device on the top and took a scraper and scrapped as much as the build up I could.  I then ran the machine through a cycle with the vinegar and then one more time with this product Lemi Shine for the hard water deposits.  My dishwasher is looking close to brand new now.  I am very happy with it.

I also tackled the refrigerator.  I talked a little about our poor old refrigerator when I posted about our new stove.  How jealous it was of the new stove, well the refrigerator is still hanging around.  The ice cube maker is now dripping, which is making our ice cubes stick together because the water on the bottom freezes it.  My husband bought a sink mat and cut it to the size of our ice cube maker to separate the water and the ice.  Our meat/cheese tray broke a couple of years ago, so our refrigerator seems to become a mess putting it nicely.  We have tried to keep the meat and cheese in one of the fruit/veggies bin but then we have veggies going everywhere.  I just hate the way it looks and become overwhelmed so easily.  I ended up picking up these little storage bins with handles to place in the refrigerator and labeled them.  It is working out great.
Our house loves Taco nights, so I have one to keep all the fixings for the tacos inside, so when it is Taco night, I reach in and grab the storage container, double win... organization and convince.

What have you tackled this week?  I am linking this to 5 Minutes for Mom.


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  1. Look's awesome! I bet it feels great to have a fresh clean start:-)


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