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We Want to Know


Welcome to We Want to Know Wednesdays Q&A Hosted by Mamarazzi and Crazymama

Crazymama is asking the questions this week:

{1} What is your favorite way to celebrate birthdays?
Making a big deal for my loved ones!  I love to make them feel special on their birthday.  I just want them to know that I am grateful for the day they were born.  For my birthday, just spending time with my loved ones.

{2} Which is  more fun to celebrate? Celebrating yours or your loved ones?
Celebrating loved ones.  I have come to face the fact, my birthday will always be over shadowed by Christmas, so I never expect much.  Most of the time people are done with celebrating when it comes to my birthday.

{3} What is your dessert of choice for birthday celebrating?
Anything but left over Christmas pies or cake.  Seriously... my 16th birthday we were staying with my Grandparents while our house was being repaired from a fire the month prior.  My Grandma refused to let my Mom bake a cake or buy a cake for my sister and I because we had so much left over from Christmas, cake and pie.  Our birthday is 2 days after Christmas and we are 1 year apart.

{4} Tell us about your best birthday you've ever had.
I think this is the hardest question being asked.  *tapping my fingers on my desk*  Yeah, that is not helping.  I think it is a toss up between my 12th birthday and my 40th and 41st birthday.  My 12th, I had a slumber party with a few of my friends from school.  I remember that I made these blue velvet pin cushions and a stick pin was placed in it, to give as gifts to my friends.  I remember that we stayed up all night and did the "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board" thing.  Rhonda was there.  My father would tease my friends.  My 40th birthday, Todd took me out to dinner to a very romantic dinner.  I had a good idea I was going to get my engagement ring.  He was not very romantic by proposing to me at all, matter of a fact, this may be my most humorous birthday, because, he slid the box to me and said.  There you go, I just wish I could give it to you on your real birthday.  I cracked up laughing and said it is my real birthday.  He looked like a scared deer in the headlights then.  On the 41st birthday we were going to go eat at Texas Road House but it was going to take nearly an hour to wait, so we ended up going to Lonestar and had the worse service, however it was fine they forgot to deliver our food to us (We ended up waiting an hour), this gave us time to set our wedding date and plan what we wanted.  The children were waiting at home (all of them) and we made the big announcement of the date.  They all said something to the nature it is about time.  This made us both happy because not all were happy when he gave me the ring...okay one wasn't happy but she was fine with it a year later.

{5} Share your favorite birthday song
Well... my favorite birthday song is for two reasons.  The Beatle's , Birthday.  Of course because it is from the Beatles (if you follow my post you will know, how much I love Paul McCartney) and because of the lyrics.  "You say it's your birthday. It's my birthday too."  While I was in college, the first year I was not with my sister for our birthday, she called into the radio station and dedicated this song to me.  Every year after that, we try to rush and beat one another to the call (up until 7 years ago when I moved two hours away.) to dedicate the song to one another.  It is so appropriate for us since we share birthdays.  Now I just post the YouTube Video on her Facebook page.  It's our song.

{6} Bonus question:  if you could pick any age to be again, how old would you be and why?
Oh, so difficult.  I miss my Grandpas so much, it might be back to before my Grandpa Rich died, then I could see both.  It might be back to when the boys were younger but then I would be in an awful time of my life, so I wouldn't pick it again.  I would love to have the opportunity to become healthier at a much younger age, so maybe I would not be in as much pain as I am now with my knees...YES, that would be it.  I would pick 39 again.  This would be when the boys were still respectful, life was so much happier.  They were all doing good, I am with Todd and for the first time in my life know what it feels like to be loved and respected and I was working on losing weight at that time.  This time, I would just not let life get in the way and keep working on it.  Todd was as well, he was just diagnosis with diabetes then.


  1. i imagine that you get a lot of Christmas/Birthday combo gifts, that would just not work for me. lol

    i love how thoughtful you are. i can tell you make birthdays very special for those you love...awesome.

    thanks for linking up!!

  2. great answers. december birthdays stink. i hate it when people do combo gifts or use leftovers instead of something special.

    great song. great way to spend your day! you always have a birthday buddy. my sister and i are a year and a week apart, we always shared parties. we still like to celebrate together.

    thanks for linking up

  3. Kind of funny about your grandma not letting you get Birthday cake because you had so much leftovers. Sad too. LOL.

    Your favorite Birthdays cracked me up!


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