Sunday, April 8, 2012

2012 Easter

This year's Easter was different.
Todd and I decided to make a big breakfast for Easter 
Since we were not having a big dinner for Easter.
I wanted to make a couple of things that I saw on Pinterest.

Bunny Cinnamon Buns and Bunny Orange Blossom Rolls.
We planned on eggs and pancakes as well.  
I wanted something cute like the cinnamon buns and orange blossom rolls,
So I decided to make the pancakes into bunny heads and Easter Eggs.
Todd thought they were cute.
The boys loved them.
When they were younger I would make Mickey Mouse's Head Pancakes.
When Noah's friend Zach spends the night, I still make them.
The boys think they are special.
They loved the scrambled eggs as well and thanked me at least 4 times. 

While I was cooking the cinnamon rolls,
Todd went over to the girls' place to drop off the candy we picked up for them.
I sent our camera with him, just in case Taj was in his Easter outfit that we picked up.
He was not but he was in the pajamas we picked up for him for Easter.
He does not eat candy yet, so being the practical Grandparents we are,
We picked up this for him.
I know I am partial...but man this kid is a cutie. 
I love his smile.
I love his dimples.
I love his curls.

After breakfast Todd tried to sleep for 2 hours.
Notice the words tried.
He was not very successful.
We then left to meet up with him Mom
and head to Golden Coral for our Easter Dinner.

I had several different types of seafood.
The boys enjoyed themselves.
Emily even came with us, a nice surprise.

Todd just left for work.
He had overtime tonight and had to go in at 7 pm.
He had absolutely no sleep today.
Holiday's are hard on him.
He sacrifices sleep often to be with the family.

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