Monday, April 2, 2012

...And We Laughed

Oh My Goodness! Last week I laughed so hard with my husband or should I say at my husband, in actuality it was with my husband.

Okay, I have blonde moments and we laugh at those blonde moments. My husband is rather bright and is usually on his toes.  As my followers know, we have been going through so many things with life right now and we do not have very many belly laughter days lately.  He threw me off one day when I told him one of my friend's at work had her babies.  Her son looks just like daddy and her daughter looks just like her.  I thought that was kind of great, having twins and the boys in the house look alike and the girls in the house look alike. My husband then pipes up... "They must be fraternal twins then right, not identical." Umm...yeah.  They could never be identical since there they are not the same sex.  I wanted to so much razz him on it but thought, he is having a tough day (he was) I will give this one to him.  This was two weeks ago.

Last week he and I were talking and I did my usual blonde moment.  We were talking about The Big Bang Theory.  I asked him if he knew Steven Gates was going to be on it.  He naturally looked at me like "Who are you talking about you crazy fool?"  I then said, you know the guy in the wheel chair that talks through a machine.  He is super smart.  He just laughs.  I then realized I messed up his name. With a quick recovery, so I thought, "Oh!  I stated his name wrong.  I confused it with Bill Gates...the Apple guy that passed away."  He laughed harder, "No, that is the Microsoft Guy."  With a little he he..."Oh yeah.  The Apple guy is Steve Jobs.  So what is the Steven guy's last name I am talking about?"  "Hawkins", he answered and laughed harder.  "I know blonde moment."  He replies, "Yeah, very blonde."  We laugh more. gets better!  This was not our belly laughter moment.

I had to go pick up Matthew after work.  He needed me to pick him up at 10.  Todd needed to start to get ready at 10:10.  As I was driving to pick up Matthew I realized I forgot to tell Todd what my Mom told me about Miranda.  I called him on the phone while I was driving, towards the end of my discussion,Todd blurts out..."Where in the h*(( is it?"  "Bleep..Bleep..Bleep it's starting to piss me off here!" I have chosen to bleep out where he goes off and uses God's name in vain. He is bad at this.  He gives God and Jesus so many middle names that I sometimes pray for him while he is doing it.  He keeps at it for another 10 sentences on how he can't find it.  Never stating what it is.  He then said something about he knows he set his alarm and then asked if I remember him setting it.  I answered yes.  He then asked me if I moved it and where did I put it.  Again, never stating what it is.  I answer "Honey," and very sweet because he is very mad by now, "Your alarm is not going to go off until 10:10 and it is only 10:02."  He snorts, "I know that!  I have to find the bleep bleep thing so I can turn it off."  I state "Honey."  He interrupts "DUH, I have to turn it off before I shower for work."  "Sweetie."  I try again.  "I just can't find my bleep bleep phone!  Where did you put it!"  "Todd!"  Still sweet but louder.  "What?" he snaps.  "Darling, you are talking on it."  We then busted up laughing.  I personally was laughing so hard I was crying.  I could hear his face turning red from laughing so hard.  I managed to mumble that I can't see because I am laughing so hard and started to pull over. He states the obvious, "Why don't you pull over?"  I explained I have.  He then said, "Well talk about blonde.  I think I have you beat."  We laughed more and then I told him I would let him go so he can find his phone and turn the alarm off so he can get ready for work.  We laughed more.  As soon as I hung up I received a text from him.  "Found it!"

We used to laugh like that daily or every other day.  This laugh was way over due and it felt wonderful.  Especially since I was not the blonde this time. 


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