Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy List


I do not mean to be going on about this but I am seriously HAPPY that we are going to Las Vegas.  I feared a little that it was not going to really happen but after the tickets were purchased and the hotel reservations were made, I knew it was going to really happen.  HAPPY.   One week from tomorrow...I will be there.  I have to admit I am a little nervous about flying because I have only flown one time back in 1985 and I was not large like I am now.

I am HAPPY with the way Joshua has been acting lately.  Disappointed he is still smoking but he is following the rules and goes outside to smoke.  He is also doing his chores around the house with out me asking and has volunteered to do things on his own to help out around the house.  He has only mouthed off with his ugly attitude only once and for the first time ever; he came to my room and told me he was sorry.  HAPPY, HAPPY.  I am not sure why the change but I will take it.

I am HAPPY for the nice weather we are having.  I am not thrilled with these freeze warnings at night because I do not want to lose my flowers.  Peas should be good still as well as the radishes.

I found out why my knee has been aching in a different place.  It was from the shoe I purchased, the shoe was supporting the exact opposite of what I needed, thus straining my knees.  This makes me HAPPY to know it will be a simple fix and nothing permanent.

What do you have to be Happy about this week?  Come join the fun with Mamarazzi.


  1. Great list! I have been taking a liquid glucosomine. (sp) It is a liquid multi-vitamin I bought at Publix, and it has truly helped my knee! It is called Drinkables liquid multi vitamins. You should try it!


  2. So glad to hear about Joshua! Makes your life much easier. And yay for Las Vegas! I wanna see pix when you get back!


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