Saturday, April 28, 2012

Las Vegas - Day One~Part 1

Oh I was so excited although I worried a little if my knee would be able to take all the walking.  We wanted to hit every hotel!  I could not wait for all the different styles of decorating and themes.  I love anything dealing with art and to me architecture of buildings is definitely art.  I had a list of things I wanted to do and see.  Our hotel was on the North End of the strip.  Our game plan was to start at the far end and walk back.  Oh how I laugh at our naive plan.  We found the Monorail would take us all the way down to the Stratosphere.  We decided to buy a 24 hour pass this way if we needed to head back to our room for anything (like a nap).  Once we stepped off the Monorail walkway we realized we had a longer walk to the Stratosphere then we imagined AND we were not very clear on how to get there, so we thought we could make it across this one parking lot and see a pathway.  However, we only found an alley.  It did not look like a nice alley.  I started to notice at this time, I was beginning to get blisters on both of my feet.  I hustled along trying to keep up with my husband because he was walking rather fast.  I understood why because the neighborhood we were walking in did not look like it was a neighborhood someone should be walking in.  Another couple that happened to be riding on the Monorail with us was also walking with us. We all looked at one another with a huge sigh of relief when we finally arrived at the hotel.  The Stratosphere had two lines hanging down from the top of the sphere were people actually would hook up and jump down, no bungee cord, just a controlled fall.  I thought HECK NO (okay it was not heck) no one was getting me on that.  I am definitely NOT a dare devil by no means especially when it comes to heights.  We discussed about riding to the top of the sphere but decided since I really wanted to go up the Eiffel Tower and the cost was the same, there was no point of going up.  We walked around the hotel some and I picked up my first souvenirs there.  To be honest, I was not very impressed with this hotel.  It was the plainest of all of them.  Other then the sphere at the top, in my opinion there wasn't anything else there.
We then headed towards the next hotel.  The blisters were getting worse; I was beginning to limp some.  Did I mention we were in a bad neighborhood?  Oh dear Lord, it was AWFUL!!!   I have never seen Todd tense like this before.  Some guy was following our group trying to get some guy to do something for him.  He then looked at Todd and noticed he had a bottle of water.  He followed us a little telling Todd how thirsty he was and asked if he could just have one drink from his water.  He had the nastiest teeth.  I thought if he was asking me, I would just hand him the bottle and tell him to keep it, but not Todd.  He kept walking as if the man was not talking at all.  The guy followed us more and spoke louder, Todd just shook his head no and we walked on.  He continued to follow us, he then tried to grab the water bottle out of his hand and Todd looked at him and said. "No" firmly as if he was a parent disciplining his child.  They guy then just turned and walked away.  As soon as I noticed a pharmacy, I told Todd we had to stop so I can pick up some mole skin.  I think he was shocked that I did not want to use the band aids.  I explained for blisters, mole skin is what should be used.  * I learned this when the boys' were in Cub Scouts* We stopped at a Walgreen's so I can pick up some moleskin, medical tape, and antibiotic for the blisters.  Next stop was Circus Circus and straight to the bathroom so I can bandage my feet.  I took off the left shoe and noticed the huge blister that already burst.  I taped the moleskin to my foot, placed my sock back on and then my shoe.  Next was the right shoe, as soon as I took my shoe off I noticed blood, not only did the blister burst but it bled as well.  No wonder it freakin' hurt so much.  I bandage this foot as well, only I had 2 blisters.  My feet looked like I was a dancer with the white medical tap on them.  I am not sure if Todd checked Circus Circus out any while I was in the bathroom but he was ready to go. I think he honestly just wanted to get into a better area of the strip.  As we walked I noticed another hotel the Wynn.  I had to stop and take a picture.  I thought of my dear sweet friend Rhonda.
On our way to The Venetian we saw Treasure Island.

There is a show that begins around 3:30 pm at this hotel that I wanted to see.  "The Siren Show" I read and heard from others that it is a great show.  It was not even close to 3 yet and we were headed to The Venetian.  This was one of the top things I wanted to do while we were in Las Vegas, go to The Venetian and ride in a gondola.

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