Saturday, April 28, 2012

Las Vegas- Day One~Part 2

Once Todd and I arrived to The Venetian we noticed the gondolas outside.  I explained to Todd that we can ride one outside or inside.
 I preferred the inside one since it was so hot outside.  We stepped inside and I noticed the ceiling.
Todd was just as amazed as I was and wanted us to go downstairs so I can get a full shot of the ceiling.

We then asked for directions where we can ride the gondola inside and headed the way we were directed.  As soon as walked into the hall we were amazed.  Todd again was amazed.

He mentioned how beautiful this was and how impressed he was of the beauty of it.  He loved how when we walked, it was as if the clouds were moving with us.  He was right, the way the pained the clouds on the ceiling it did look like they were drifting some.  We came across one of the live statues.  She was amazing!
While we were on the path to the gondola ride we stopped to get some Italian ice cream and sat on a bench next to another live statue.

We noticed some people dressed up walking towards our direction.  One even commented on Todd's hat and asked if we were from Iowa because she has relatives living there.  I leaned over to Todd and told them this must be the Street Performers, so we watched their show.  They had 3 jesters; one was walking on stilts and even juggled.  Here is a little clip that I recorded of the three performing.  I apologize for the sound; my little camera is not made for great details when recording.

*Edit Note...Having difficulties loading from YouTube.  I will have to try again later.*

 The Street Performers then performed a few numbers, one is a classic I love to listen to, however after watching the movie "Step Brothers" I expect to hear a few English words thrown in every now and then.  Todd must as well, because he leaned over and said them to me.  Here is the clip of them singing.  Can you figure out the English words added to the movie's version?
*Edit Note...Having difficulties loading from YouTube.  I will have to try again later.*

Did you hear him? "Boats and Hos!" I promise he did not say it loud, just to me so I can laugh.  After the show we then headed to buy our tickets for the gondola ride.  We had a very nice gondolier; he had an Italian accent and would sing to us every now and then romantic Italian songs.  He also shared with us the stars that enjoyed the gondola rides as well as who was married in one.  We really enjoyed interaction with him.

This was my favorite Hotel we went to while we were in Las Vegas, it was Todd's too.

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