Saturday, April 28, 2012

Las Vegas- Day One~Part 3

We left Venetian and crossed the street to see Caesar's Palace.  We entered the Shoppe area. Just to let everyone know, most hotels have shops inside, some of the hotels, the shops area alone is like a mall or a mini mall.

Now I love the roman style, the columns and I love mythology so I was looking forward to seeing Caesar's Palace, however not only was my feet hurting but I was starting to feel ill as well.  I made the mistake of not drinking enough water as the day progressed.  The temperatures were high and close to breaking records high.  Typically I think of hydration and have no problems, but I was concentrating too much on hiding my pain from Todd because I did not want to ruin our vacation that I complete did not think about drinking water.  I think Todd could sense it because after we left the shop area he mentioned maybe we should head back to our hotel and rest for a little while before our dinner show at 8:30 pm.  Earlier we had purchased tickets to the Tournament of Kings dinner show.  He decided to purchase a bus pass for us to save time and to assist both of us.  I guess his legs were getting a little tired as well.  We arrived back to our room close to 6 pm and rested until 8 pm then off to our show.  I could not take pictures during the show but was able to take a few of the arena prior to the show.  It was a great show with the dancers, the knights, the jousting.  We sat in the Ireland section.  I thought that this was neat since my Mom's Father's side came from Ireland and we are related to the last great King of Ireland.

After the show I went to back to our room and Todd went off to play some Black Jack. I feel asleep shortly after my head hit the pillow.  Todd came to the room, he had a good time and broke even.  All was good that night.

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