Sunday, April 29, 2012

Las Vegas Day Two- Part 1

The morning of our second full day, Todd wanted to play in a small Texas Holdem' Poker tournament which started at 9:00 am.  I thought great, I would take it easy in the morning, keep my feet up.  Being the sweetheart he is, Todd went out and picked up breakfast while I was in the shower, so I did not even have to leave the room.  My feet were killing me but I told Todd they were good.  His tournament play was very short, he was robbed basically by luck.  He should have been the person with the most chips but lady luck was against him on the River and he busted out early.  I was sad for him because this is what he has always wanted to playing poker in Vegas.  I was also sad for me because that meant we would be venturing out sooner...more time on my feet, more time of me faking how much pain I was in, however it also meant more enjoying the attractions of the strip.  I focused on the positive to enjoy my day.  First thing Todd wanted to do was to actually go back to Caesar Palace and go into the actual hotel since we only made it to the shops.  We stepped out and then looked at one another realizing how far of a walk it was going to be from our hotel.  He asked how my feet were and I lied and said they are just barely sore, I could not say they were good because I had a little limp.  Off we went, we first stopped at some little souvenir shops because we had to get something for the girls, this was our first mission.  We also needed to get water because I was going to stay hydrated today.  After the little shops we stopped in at the M&M Factory.  We found several little things we wanted to get Taj but none in the correct size.  We went to the 4th floor to see the M&M race car and of course this meant more opportunities for pictures.
After the M&M Factory, we visited the Planet Hollywood Hotel.  It seemed like it went on forever, the shops that is.  I did not take any pictures but it was cool inside.  There was an area inside where there was a thunderstorm, they had lightning and thunder and a section blocked off where it rained.  I thought it was rather cool, but I knew my pictures would not do it justice.  It was noon while we were there so we thought we would try to catch a bite to eat and since we were in Planet Hollywood we wanted to eat there, however after walking and walking (that seemed like forever) we could not find the restaurant.  Silly thing was, they did NOT have the restaurant there.  Isn't that crazy?  We left Planet Hollywood and headed to Paris.  I was excited to see this hotel.  The Eiffel Tower was opened to take visitors to the top but I really wanted to go at night so I can see the beauty of Las Vegas at night.  We both agreed to do this later that night.

We left Paris and then went to Caesar's Hotel.  This was one that Todd was looking forward to seeing.

After looking around the hotel, we headed towards the shops again and had a bite for lunch.  We also caught a show "The Fall of Atlantis"

We left Caesar's and headed towards the Bellagio.  Another hotel I wanted to see at night because I heard that their fountain light show at night should not be missed.  This was my favorite hotel on our second full day.  Todd mentioned that he thought it was one of the prettiest hotels.
The bees are made of flowers as well, all but the wings.

We both were exhausted by this time. I ached in the worse way, so we both decided to head back to the hotel to nap.  We both wanted to see Las Vegas at night.  My feet ached, my legs ached, my hips ached.  I hit the so call wall around New York New York.  I just wanted to drop and cry.  My face must have shown all of my pain because my wonderful husband asked me if I wanted to sit and rest a little.  I explained to him that I definitely hit the wall and I felt like I could go no further, but I had to.  He asked me if I was sure and I explained to him that if I sat I was afraid I would not get up.  We were so close to our hotel I had to keep going.  When we finally reached our room, I took my shoe off and could not help but whimper some.  He made a comment that we were definitely done and I asked him to just give me some time to rest and let's see how I feel once I try to put my shoe back on and I then set my alarm for 3 hours later.

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  1. looks like you had a wonderful time! I love Vegas! I am glad you were able to get away for a vacation with the hubby!


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