Saturday, April 28, 2012

Las Vegas- Our First Night

Our trip to Vegas was exactly what we needed...minus the achy legs and feet.  Oh Dear are we out of shape! Definitely on the top of our MUST do NOW list, especially before July when we go to D.C.

We drove to Chicago shortly after 9 am to catch our flight.  We arrived in Las Vegas and checked into our room close to 7 pm then headed out to the strip for a couple of hours.  We did not venture to far our first night. Here are some pictures of the view we had from our room.  I took them the first night.

When we stepped out after dinner, I was in awe of the fake New York Skyline over at New York New York.  I was excited to see this hotel.  I had read so much about it and since New York City is one of the cities I have always wanted to see I definitely wanted to see this hotel.  I loved all the New York City representation this hotel had.
 Made of Jelly Belly's
 Picture above and below were taken the next day..

After New York New York, we thought we might take the 'free' Monorail as far as it would take us, so we went over to The Luxor.  We waited for nearly 15 minutes and then the train stopped.  No one left but a few more squeezed in, at that point they were packed in like sardines in a can.  No room to sit, no room to stand.  We chose to pass and decided to head back to our room.  I do not feel it was a wasted 15 minutes; I took these pictures while we waited and I have to say the second picture is my favorite night shot of Vegas.

I wanted a picture of our hotel as well.  I loved the way it looked when it had the lights shining on it.  I took a picture of it on our way to New York New York.

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