Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Moans

It has been a long time since I have posted a Monday Moan... I am not sure if I can do a funny Monday Moan.  My only Moan is work right now.  MOOOOAAAN!!! I have to much pressure from home life and work.  I am on my verbal as stated back in January and I am still not meeting my simple standards.  MOOOOAAN  Simple things like verifying a SSN or EID or even verifying a phone number.

I asked to stop training so I can focus on meeting my metrics...MOOOOAAN but was told no.  I am so worried what April will bring.  Still 3 more positions to fill, which means 3 more people to train.  This is becoming way too much on me.  I think I am not able to handle this any more.  What is different is all the pressure.  MOOOOAAN

MOOOOAAN  My Dad has given up to some degree.  He wants to live alone because he is accepting that he is dieing.  He had a friend that died of the same cancer and type of treatment (basically nothing) and this friend became very mean he said.  Due to this he does not want to be around loved ones a lot because he does not want to be mean to them.  MOOOOAAN  Does he not realize we realize this?  I do NOT want him to be alone.  I want him to enjoy his family.

Well that is it!  That is all I have to moan about this Monday, other than I am still HUGE...but that is something I will have to work on.

I will have a Wednesday Woo Hoo to follow up from the Monday Moan.

Happy Monday All!!


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