Sunday, April 1, 2012


It has been a little while since I have posted.  I did not want to be so negative all the time because I do have many blessing and wanted to re-group.  I have logged on and read my favorite blogs and comment from time to time as well as Facebooking.  I love Pinterest, so many ideas.

While re-grouping Blogger changed their format on me.  It is taking some time for the adjustments and my opinions have not been made.  The same day my Blogger changed, so did Facebook...I now have the timeline.  I am okay with change but one thing at time would be better for me.

While re-grouping Kera had her hearing regarding supervised visitation, she backed out of it completely and now baby daddy and she are talking often again.  He told a lot of lies to Kera stating I said things that I never did or he took out of context.  The guy tells everyone that we have to respect him.  He is wrong!  I give everyone respect until they do not deserve it, then the person has to earn it back.  He has NOT earned it.  Now what we have to do is treat him cordially out of respect for Taj and this is what I will do, however I will stand up for myself and have no problems with speaking my mind when being pushed in to it.  I will take the high road most of the time, but I will not be a door mat.

While re-grouping my Father has basically given up.  It saddens me... A LOT.

While re-grouping relationships with the boys have been better.  They still have their moments but they are "normal" moments.

While re-grouping my relationship with my husband is as strong as it has ever been.  We have been planning on our time away to Las Vegas.  I am surprised I have found so many free things to do their.  I am super excited.  My Mom will be here for the boys.  I have a great mother.

While re-grouping my gardens (flowers) are coming to life.  I love Spring seeing everything a new.  I just wish we had less rabbits.  I do NOT love them...and squirrels.  They eat our gardens (veggies and flowers) so they are not my friends any more at all.  We had a nice (actually not so nice) surprise about a month ago regarding a squirrel.  A couple of squirrels have made a nest in the rafters between the roof and the ceiling of our seasonal porch.  They did this a year ago.  They come out and destroy our lettuce bed and baby spinach bed.  Well the surprise was one of them must have lost his balance.  One day Joshua was coming home from work and one of the 35 gallon tubs Todd left out last fall had frozen water, gathered from the rain and snow from this past winter.  Sticking out of the block of ice was a bushy squirrel tail.  Oddest thing we have ever is no longer there nor do I want to plant anything in it until the tub has been cleaned.

While re-grouping I made a commitment to become healthier.  I am so tired of aching all the time in my knees. I have to do something about this.  I know the weight is not the issue but it is not helping.  If I can get some weight off and it is still very much an issue I am going to beg and bug my doctors for total knee replacements sooner than 60.  I need some quality of life here.  I miss digging in the dirt with ease.  I miss camping.  I miss having a day without pain, this June will be 4 years straight.  I believe this may be why I may be a little more grumpy as the kids have called me out on.  Who knows?

Any way I am back...until April 19-22.  I may just have some blogs ready to post on their own in my absence. 

Happy Sunday Everyone!


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