Thursday, May 31, 2012

And I Cried

Today was Noah's 6th Grade Promotion.  He will be leaving elementary and begin junior high next fall.  I can not say what mixed emotions I had today regarding this.  First I thought I was excited.  I mean I have had a child in elementary for 17 years straight with the way my boys are spaced.  17 years is a long time.  I thought I could not wait for this chapter to be over with.  I posted something like this on facebook today and was reminded by one of my friends how she remembers I felt the same way about when I was done with diapers.  She is right.  I did feel this way, I count potty training as diaper stage because I did buy pull ups for nights and long travels.  I had purchased diapers and/or pull ups for 13 years straight.  That is a lot of diapers so you can see how I could not wait.

Back to today's event.  I drove to the elementary and found a parking spot.  I then headed into the school and found my spot.  It was shortly after I sat down they started a slide show presentation.  There were pictures through out the years.  I saw a picture of Noah when he was in Kindergarten.  His cute little face.  His cute little smile.  His eyes sparkled.  This is when it started, tears started to run down my cheek.  My baby is growing up.  My youngest baby is growing up.
 They performed for us prior to receiving their certificates
 Noah, anxiously waiting to receive his certificate.  He is so excited.
 Noah and his teacher
 Noah and his best friend
 Noah and his favorite teacher, his Kindergarten Teacher.

I am so very proud of you Noah and your Mommy loves you with all her heart.

Day 4 and It Is Still Burning

Saturday night there was a large dark smoke cloud, something was definitely on fire.  The closer to Todd drove to work, the more he wondered if his place of business was on fire.  NOPE, the landfill was.  (Close enough!)  The last worker left around 4:30 and everything was fine from what they all thought, however at 6:45 a dark black cloud of smoke and flames came from the landfill.  Someone had dropped something hot material in the landfill causing a fire to burn.  And burn it is doing...still!  7.5 acres is burning and according to the city it will burn for several days still, then smolder for several days.  Temperatures of this fire as reached 1.200 degrees.  The fire can be seen as far as Cedar Rapids and this is a little over 27 miles away.

Exactly what is on fire?  Our landfill is lined with a type of rubber, at this time it is the rubber liner that is burning, so it is not only black smoke but the smell of rubber burning as well.  There are firefighters stationed to keep an eye on the situation to make sure nothing goes out of control.  According to city officials based on research it will be best to let it burn because if they put it out, it can cause potential environmental impact. What I am not sure but that is what the officials are saying.  Our landfill is on the edge of the city limit because of this smoke, the air is being tested and all test have come back in the normal range.  Due to the Clean Air Act the DNR has a constructed an air monitoring device at a nearby elementary to keep monitoring the air. The city is still collecting garbage and the workers still go to the landfill to dump their trucks, it is only closed to the public from going to drop off garbage.  They are telling those who are young, old, and those who have breathing problems to limit their activity outdoors.  If they are saying this, it makes me wonder how "normal" is our air actually reading with the test.  How much lung damage will the firefighters or workers have from this fire?  My Mother heard about the fire in Des Moines, according to  her the news is reporting that everyone should limit their activities outdoors due to the quality of air.  It makes one wonder how accurate the news really is.
All pictures are from our city paper, The Press Citizen

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy List


I really needed the 3 day weekend, work has been very stressful lately and I could not wait until 1 pm on Friday to get away from work early (thank you office for closing early for the day) and get away from the stress... and away from it I did!  AWESOME HAPPY!!!!

Friday night I did not do what my first goal was...clean my closet. Instead I spent the evening watching a movie and playing Sequence with Ethan and Noah.  It was a lot of fun and it has been a long time since we have sat on my bed and watched t.v.  HAPPY, time with them and away from their electronic games for 6 hours.  Woo Hoo!!!

Saturday was not too HAPPY, I was sick.  I caught Noah's bug, but thankfully it was just one day.

Sunday was a beautiful day!  It made me very HAPPY!  We watched Taj while Kera worked.  We picked up a baby pool for him.

We thought it was adorable, it will keep him out of the sun.

He was not too HAPPY about it.

BUT he was HAPPY about the water mist being sprayed on him.  He would laugh and laugh at the boys and chase them while he was getting sprayed.

Swinging makes him HAPPY and that makes me HAPPY.

Watching the boys having fun, including Todd makes me HAPPY.

Later Emily came over and Matthew was home as well and we grilled.  I have never seen a baby enjoy baked beans as much as this grand baby of ours.  After work Kera ate with us as well.  We then enjoyed Root Beer Floats and then enjoyed our first bon fire for the season.  I loved sitting there watching the boys and girls all interact with one another.  We started talking about past vacations and laughed and laughed.  Some of the kids had smores.  Todd was so sweet and brought down one of my favorite deck chairs so I can be comfortable.  Sitting there looking at my family just made me so HAPPY.  I sat there rocking with my wonderful grandson in my arms, rocking him to sleep.  Only thing missing was Joshua.

However, he did call and I was able to talk to him.  It was nice to hear from him and know he was doing fine.  This made me HAPPY as well.

Kera thanked me that night as well.  She told me she loves how I am such a great grandmother to Taj and thanked me for it.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, this touched my heart.

Sunday was a wonderful day!  I can not wait for more Sunday's like this.  Days like this is just Heaven here on Earth.

I was so HAPPY on Monday.  I actually was able to do my own weeding in my flower beds.  Yes, the first time in 2 years I was able to get down and dig up my weeds myself.  No boys helping me.  I was also able to get into the garden and help Todd put compost in our garden.  Here is a picture of part of our garden that I assisted with.
 My HAPPY 3 day weekend even carried over to today.  Yes!  Work was absolutely C R A Z Y!  It always is after a 3 day weekend.  My supervisor has been gone for a little over a week.  She came back and complimented me.  She told me it looks like I am losing weight.  HOW GREAT IS THAT!!  I stepped on the scale tonight when I came home and it read another 5 lbs lighter.  A total of 15 lbs so far, I typically weigh in in the morning, so I can not wait to step on the scale tomorrow to see if it favors me more!  5 more pounds and I will allow me to reward myself with a pedi. OHHH so HAPPY!

What are you HAPPY about?  Come join Mamarazzi's HAPPY LIST.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday's Song- Name

I used to own all of this band's CDs but my CD case was stolen.  Yep, I lost 96 CDs.  I wanted to listen to this band... Goo Goo Dolls.  I really enjoyed their music.  There are so many songs I enjoyed listening to but chose to post this one today.  No special reason, I just wanted.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I am.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Confessional


It's that time of week again...confession time!

I confess...

I was thrilled Donald Driver won Dancing With The Stars.  He was one of my favorites from the start.  He was never in your face.  I thought he was always a good role model, never ill speaking.  I loved how he would take the comments from the judges and tried to apply them.  I also was impressed the one week when they showed him watching his dance the week before and others to see how he can improve.

I confess...

After Donald Driver won, I looked on line the next day to see what they said about him winning.  I can say I am a huge Donald Driver fan now.  I love the fact that he is an author of children books and he has a foundation which helps the homeless families and lack of education.  I think he is a very positive role model and I feel we need more of this from our professional athletes.  Yeah for you Donald Driver...your newest fan.

I confess...

I applied for another position in my department today.  I pray I get it.  I really need a change to put it nicely.

I confess...

I have not been blogging or even getting on the Internet that much lately because of our Internet.  It has been so unreliable it is making me so mad.

I confess...

Robin Gibbs' death really made me sad.  I mean, I remember listening to the Bee Gees and remember when the babysitter's niece who was from New York came to stay one summer. She taught all of us girls how to hustle to the Bee Gees.  I actually cried when I read about his death. I think it touched me so because of the liver cancer.

I confess...

The day he died was also the same day I heard from my Dad.  He is starting to feel some pain now, or at least admitting to it finally.  He is losing weight and has no appetite at all.  He said he is tired and just wants to sleep.  The doctor says that is from the chemo pills.  June 14th will be his next MRI and he will find out if the tumors in his liver has grown as well as the lungs.  I think this is why Robin's death hit me hard.

What do you have to confess this week.  Come and join Mamarazzi and confess away.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy List

Here is my Happy List this week:

  • Joshua made it safely from Nashville to Connecticut.  SUPER HAPPY
  • Joshua found a host family after going door to door finding no one, he then went to a church and a family stepped up.  (This bothered me the most, not knowing if or who he was going to stay with.)
  • My butterfly additions weer planted and I absolutely love it.  It makes me so HAPPY.  I have seen several new butterflies and last year actually had humming birds too.  I just can not wait to see the beauty it will bring to my yard.
  • Our backyard garden is planted now all we need to do is add the compost and I will soon be taking pictures. 
  • We have flowers on our sweet peas, which means soon we will have pea pods!  Our garden makes me HAPPY.
  • We are near completion of planting in our community garden.  HAPPY  I will be so happy when everything is planted. I believe I am going to be very busy this fall if everything grows. We have over 20 Roma Tomato plants alone, plus several beef steak tomato, patio tomatoes, grape tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes.  We also have red and regular cabbage (total of 8 each), 10 broccoli plants, a couple of cauliflower plants, about 6 egg plants, several cucumber plants, I believe 6 squash plants, red and white onions, carrots, peppers (bell, hot, jalapeno, banana sweet and hot peppers), beans, and the peas.  HAPPY.  I had celery but the stinking rabbits ate it and it is too late to replace them.  I just can not wait to share my pictures.  I love taking pictures of the garden.
  • HAPPY... We learned how to make a willow tree trellis this past weekend, as well as an arbor.  We actually made a fan trellis and took it home.  Now I have to figure out what I am going to use it for... green beans or cucumbers?
  • SUPER HAPPY that this Friday will be an early out and have Monday off.

What do you have to be HAPPY about this week?  Come join Mamarazzi and all of us in the fun.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Gardening 101~ Raised Garden Beds


Hi There!
I wanted to talk about raised beds or also known as boxed bed with this post.

Our house was built where a marsh was at one time, which is one reason why we do not have a basement. The soil really is not the best for growing vegetables and some other plants because it has a lot of clay in it.  It is because of this clay soil we decided to build an above the ground garden.   My husband picked up railroad ties for the frame of our box garden. Currently it is 16' x 24', that means it is two railroad ties wide and three railroad ties long.  We then brought in top soil and filled the frame of our garden; added fencing around it to keep the critters out.

Last year's garden right after planting.

We used the same technique for the butterfly garden.  This time we used yard landscaping timber instead of the railroad ties.  It is a small garden 4' x 8' but it is plenty big enough for me.  I plan to plant bushes on both sides of the flower bed.  My Mother's Day Lilac bush will be the first to be planted. 

 We filled the base of it with compost from our own compost bin
and topped it with bags of top soil we purchased. 
 The flowers for my butterfly/humming bird garden were flowers the local grocery store gave away because they were nearly dead.  
9 of the plants survived and I just purchased 5 more to add this weekend.

Here are two gardens showing everyone just because you do not have the correct type of soil to grow vegetables or a flower bed, you can always build a raised garden bed and grow as much as your little heart desires.  I can not wait to show pictures of this year's gardens.  All of the flowers in the butterfly/humming bird garden all bloomed early or late spring.  My new flowers will be blooming during the summer and fall.

Friday Confessional


It's that time of week.  What do you have to confess this week?  Here are mine.

I confess...

This week took FOREVER to get through.  Work was CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY.  Cranky callers, not my favorite part of my job but I understand it is part of my job, Most of my client's intranet sites had problems and happened to be all at once, again part of my job but all at once?  A couple of my co-workers just being so DUMB ASS.  Yes, I just said that.

I confess...

I have never wanted to scream at a co-worker before and to have two of them.  I can not keep spoon feeding them and they are such Negative Nellie.  Their energy even stinks.  I swear by the time of my lunch on Tuesday, I was so close of walking out and never going back from their attitudes.  Good thing the park was so refreshing.  I took my sandwich and drove to a park where I sat on the table and just listened to nature.  It was soothing enough to have me go back to work.

I confess...

I did not have to be guilty Mom like I feared and had planned last week. My son had friends help him his last night.  He made it to Tennessee fine.  Now he needs to make it to New York.

I confess...

Ethan and Noah having their own room is such a blessing.  Well, Noah sort of has his own room, he is sharing with Matthew, my oldest for the summer.  The boys being in different rooms was exactly what they needed.  They have not fought once this week.  NOT once.

I confess...

I actually have heard the two playing and laughing a lot this week.  I also love watching them play with Taj.  They are super uncles and I think they are going to have a very special relationship with Taj.  It warms my heart.

See... I still think Family means Everything.!

What do you have to confess about this week? Come join Mamarazzi.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gardening 101 - The Introduction/In The Beginning

Hi there!  
Welcome to Gardening 101
Where I will share what is on my mind with gardening.
Planting tips, possible pest issues (trials of different techniques) 
as well as how everything is growing.  
House plants, flower gardens, flower pots, container gardening, 
raised bed gardening, and gardening. 
As well as canning, freezing, and other topics regarding gardening.

Now I am no expert by far and my husband and I (mainly myself)
have another blog about our garden.  Our Slice of Heaven
I plan to keep both blogs alive and some of the post may be identical, however the other is more of a garden log as well.

I am very excited to start this series.

My background with veggie gardening: Prior to 4 years ago,
my husband and I tried gardening in 5 gallon buckets.
We planted tomatoes and peppers. 
We had some success with the tomatoes
but no success with the peppers.

In 2008 we started our first raised bed garden.  8' x 16'.  
It was very successful with tomatoes, cucumbers,
 onions, radishes, broccoli and cabbage.  
We planted peppers and carrots but did not have as much success. 

The following year we decided to enlarge it and it is now 16' x 24'.
We also garden inside 4 tractor tires as well as tubs.

I also started my first flower bed that summer.

This year we are starting a new adventure and decided to 
garden in a community garden as well.
Our plot size is 10' x 50'.
We already are experiencing new challenges.

I hope you all enjoy this new series.
Advices and/or comments are welcome.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


 As I watched the 1985 Grammy's, this singer came on stage.  I had never heard of her before but I became a fan that night.  I was amazed how she was on stage performing during prime time.  I could not remember another Christian Rock Singer doing this.  She was wearing her leopard print coat and barefoot.  I just loved it as well as her song.

After posting my Friday's Confessional, I felt like I did have angels watching over me.  I explained to my husband that I could not do what he wanted to do to Joshua if he failed with packing his room nor cleaning it.  I explained to him what I felt was fair consequences, he looked at me and said he agreed it was fair and that was that.  Joshua did manage to do what he needed with help of friends.  I ended up having to call him when he told me he would only be away for 30 minutes and it was going on close to two hours.  I confronted him how he was treating me and how unfair it was.  How it created tension between Todd and I.  How it actually made me sick and made my ulcers start to bleed.  He told me he was sorry and thought that it was me just trying to control him once last time.  {It is funny how kids view parents actually parenting.}  He made is safe to Nashville.  Maybe God has Angels watching over him too.  I sure hope so, the kid needs them.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Confessional


It is that time of week for confessions.  Come join at Mamarazzi's site.

I confess…

I am at the end of my ropes with one of my boys right now. I hate this! I seriously hate this! I keep telling myself I am a good Mom and feel guilty for what I am about to do, but I have to do this.

I confess…

I realize as an adult child, one is going to make mistakes. LEARN from them, this is part of life, do NOT continue to think you can do whatever you want without consequences. You were brought up not in this fashion, just because one turns 18 does NOT mean you can do whatever it is you want on your own time at your own pace.

I confess…

I think it is harder to be a parent of a young adult. I would take the terrible twos and tyrant threes (I think 3 is worse then 2) any day, any minute. They still are snugly and show their love. The year of 13 is tough, dealing with junior high and hormones. It brings out the alien in any child. Senior year, this year is bad and just the beginning of the young adult years.

I confess…

I should be sad (yet excited for him to start a new chapter in his life) right now, with my son moving out tomorrow morning. He will be gone all summer arriving back August 20 and into his own apartment. I should feel like I am going to miss him, but I DON’T!!! I just want this over with and I am not excited one bit. The oldest did this to me as well and then chose not to talk to any of us for 2 years because of a relationship he was in not because of what the second one has chosen.

I confess…

This time it will be different. It may be my choice not to talk to him; this is where the guilt is coming in. I have been battling with him. He lies to me so often. He has wrecked my car on more than one occasion, only telling me about the first. The other two I found on my own. No point of confronting him about it because he will only lie to my face about it. I have been battling him with his bedroom. It is a mess, honestly beyond a mess. It has been a mess for nearly a year. I think his room was only clean for maybe 3 days in a year. Here is the big problem. He needs to pack his stuff and move them to our spare room downstairs because another brother will be moving into this room the day he moves.

I confess…

He has only 3 boxes packed and 1 garbage bag packed. NOTHING out of his room. The room is a mess. He keeps telling me he will do it tomorrow or this day, yet tomorrow or this day never comes. This is starting to cause some tension with my husband and me as well. He keeps telling me to say something. I AM saying something, trust me I am more than saying by now. I am yelling. I do not like hearing what my husband wants for his consequences. This is not the first child to move out and leave a mess. They all have left behind crap. They all have moved in and out more than once leaving a mess and this kid has helped me clean up or did it his self to move into that room. I agree we need to draw a line but it needs to be with all of them.
I confess…

What I plan to do is this if he leaves it; I will toss it in a bag, if it breaks not my problem. I am tossing up the idea of calling his father and asking if I can bring his stuff there and have it stored. I also plan to tell this kid, that I am done. I will not carry through and assist him with a bed for his new place, and he has 1 month to get his own cell phone plan. He keeps saying he is an adult and can do what he wants, and then he can be an adult. I plan to tell him I am not happy with the road he has chosen. He is turning out just like his dad, thinking lying is acceptable and to treat loved ones terrible and do what ever it is he wants to without thinking of loved once is acceptable. I also am going to tell him I am not going to assist him not because of the first reasons I listed but because he has chosen that partying (drinking and doing drugs) are more important than simply showing family members respect. I am NOT okay with this at all, nor will I support him while he lives this life style. When he realizes what family means and grows up and wants a family, he knows where I am. He will be offered to come back home if needed only if he is clean. He will have to agree with random drug testing and if it is dirty he is not allowed to stay. I will not live with a user, not one more day.

I confess…

This is really killing me inside. I am a MESS!!! Oh, and this move he is doing on Saturday, he can not delay leaving, I can not say you can not leave at 7 am as planned because he is leaving with a group of 8 kids all following one another in their own cars driving to Nashville, then to New York to sale books door to door. He plans on going out tonight and partying with friends, sacrificing sleep to be with them since they are coming home for the summer. He thinks sacrificing sleep is perfectly fine because it is JUST highway driving. I told him I think this is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard from him and this is proof, drugs make you stupid. SERIOUSLY…I AM A MESS!!!!

I still think Family is everything...they are just messy sometimes.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We Want to Know


{1} Please describe your blog. Does it fall into one category or many? How has it changed from post one?

{2} What 3 things do you LOVE about blogging?

{3} What 3 things do you DISLIKE about blogging?

{4} What 3 things do you WISH OTHER BLOGGERS would do? Any tips for them?

{5} I know we all have lots of blogs we read, but what are 3 blogs your never miss?

Here are my Answers

{1} Please describe your blog. Does it fall into one category or many? How has it changed from post one?
My blog is about my life. The good, the bad, and the ugly sometimes. Last year I found 5 Minutes for Moms and started posting some linkys and through Forgetfullone I found Mamarazzi’s blog and joined in with Linkys here. I enjoy getting to know more people through blogging and do not feel as lonely as I used to. I post some recipes and my crafts I make. Look for a new craft post of an Angel I made for the My Favorite Color’s Swap. How has it changed? Well, the linkys, I originally wanted to post about my life and add memories and pictures for my boys. Well at least this blog was about that. I was going through some major medical issues and concerns and wanted something for my boys to always have.

{2} What 3 things do you LOVE about blogging?
1. As stated above, getting to know others. I love reading about other people’s lives and adventures.
2. A place where I can express myself and let go. Letting go is so healing at times.
3. Providing information to others, helping people.

{3} What 3 things do you DISLIKE about blogging?
I do not have any dislikes about blogging… oh yeah I do…. The anonymous commenters that are really spam. Come on, I do not care about your porn sites.

{4} What 3 things do you WISH OTHER BLOGGERS would do? Any tips for them?
1. Not have music automatically playing when I open your site. I am afraid to open and read at work because seriously, it sets off some sort of alarm out to our east headquarters and they shoot a nasty gram to my IT department, who in returns forward the email to me and some of tisk tisk tisk, you should know better. If it continues you could lose your job. With that stated, I do not get to as many other people’s blogs who link up out of fear of losing my job. I do a lot of reading during my lunch hour. I know some of my regulars that do not have this feature so I am safe to get on to their blog site and read during the day. –This is my one and only tip.

{5} I know we all have lots of blogs we read, but what are 3 blogs your never miss?
I read a lot of blogs every day…it is so hard to narrow it down to 3, oh the pressure…I guess my never misses would be Everything but the Kitchen Sink, A Day In the Life of My Crazy World, Single Dad Laughing… trust me there are so many more than just 3.

All posts for We Want to Know should include:

1. The darling WWTK button

2. A link to your co hosts Mamarazzi and Crazymama


I Don't Like Spiders or Snakes

I do not like spiders or snakes for sure!

When I was younger, before 1st grade, my sister Lisa would chase me around our yard with garter snakes.  After I became older, I realized garter snakes are harmless, but back when I was only 6 or 7 they terrified me.  I am still not very cozy with the creatures and they still kind of weird me out, but I can tolerate them a little.

Spiders, OH MY GOODNESS... I hate spiders.  I remember back when I was in high school, calling my boyfriend to come over to my house while my parents were at work just to kill a spider for me.  As soon as he heroically saved me from the spider I kicked him out of the house because he was not allowed to be there without my parents being home.  I did not want to go against their rules.  I would end up telling my Mom what I did and she always laughed, so I think I had her approval.

I became braver regarding spiders once my children were born.  I would kill them so they would not get my babies.  NOW if they are big and ugly, I just ask the boys to kill it for me.  If I am alone, and they are big I will kill them, because the stupid things like to bite me while I am sleeping.  For some reason, I am seeing a lot of spiders lately.  I do not remember this many spiders in the past for this time of year.  Fall, yes, typically trying to come in from the cold but spring I do not recall as many and nearly as big.

I just do not like spiders and snakes...

And do not even get me started about cockroaches and mice!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Favorite Color Swap


I received my package the other day.  
It was filled with many blue goodies.
I was paired up with Lisa from

 Just look at the goodness.
  1.  Blue framed white board.
  2. Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares Dark & Sea Salt Caramel.
  3. Jolly Rancher's Freeze Pops (The boys are anxious for these.)
  4. A Fresh smelling candle.
  5. Blue finger nail polish.
  6. The Body Guard Movie
  7. Cute Blue Note Cards
  8. Four Fabulous Blue Ink Pens (My favorite kind.)
  9. Winter fresh Mints
  10. Stride Rite Gum (One of my favorites.)
  11. Push Pop Blue Raspberry Watermelon Flavored Lip Balm.
  12. M&M Pretzels
  13. A little note pad with a 'J' on it.
  14. A new pair of garden gloves (very needed.)
  15. A cute little Mickey Mouse ball for Taj.
Thank you Lisa for all the nice gifts.  Thank you Mamarazzi for organizing the swap.


He Loves Me