Thursday, May 31, 2012

And I Cried

Today was Noah's 6th Grade Promotion.  He will be leaving elementary and begin junior high next fall.  I can not say what mixed emotions I had today regarding this.  First I thought I was excited.  I mean I have had a child in elementary for 17 years straight with the way my boys are spaced.  17 years is a long time.  I thought I could not wait for this chapter to be over with.  I posted something like this on facebook today and was reminded by one of my friends how she remembers I felt the same way about when I was done with diapers.  She is right.  I did feel this way, I count potty training as diaper stage because I did buy pull ups for nights and long travels.  I had purchased diapers and/or pull ups for 13 years straight.  That is a lot of diapers so you can see how I could not wait.

Back to today's event.  I drove to the elementary and found a parking spot.  I then headed into the school and found my spot.  It was shortly after I sat down they started a slide show presentation.  There were pictures through out the years.  I saw a picture of Noah when he was in Kindergarten.  His cute little face.  His cute little smile.  His eyes sparkled.  This is when it started, tears started to run down my cheek.  My baby is growing up.  My youngest baby is growing up.
 They performed for us prior to receiving their certificates
 Noah, anxiously waiting to receive his certificate.  He is so excited.
 Noah and his teacher
 Noah and his best friend
 Noah and his favorite teacher, his Kindergarten Teacher.

I am so very proud of you Noah and your Mommy loves you with all her heart.

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