Sunday, May 13, 2012


 As I watched the 1985 Grammy's, this singer came on stage.  I had never heard of her before but I became a fan that night.  I was amazed how she was on stage performing during prime time.  I could not remember another Christian Rock Singer doing this.  She was wearing her leopard print coat and barefoot.  I just loved it as well as her song.

After posting my Friday's Confessional, I felt like I did have angels watching over me.  I explained to my husband that I could not do what he wanted to do to Joshua if he failed with packing his room nor cleaning it.  I explained to him what I felt was fair consequences, he looked at me and said he agreed it was fair and that was that.  Joshua did manage to do what he needed with help of friends.  I ended up having to call him when he told me he would only be away for 30 minutes and it was going on close to two hours.  I confronted him how he was treating me and how unfair it was.  How it created tension between Todd and I.  How it actually made me sick and made my ulcers start to bleed.  He told me he was sorry and thought that it was me just trying to control him once last time.  {It is funny how kids view parents actually parenting.}  He made is safe to Nashville.  Maybe God has Angels watching over him too.  I sure hope so, the kid needs them.


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