Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy List

 Here is what makes me HAPPY this week.
  1. BLT sandwich.  A good BLT makes me so HAPPY!  I simply love BLT sandwiches with fresh tomatoes.  Nothing can be better than a slice of fresh tomato on with bacon and lettuce with toast.
  2.  Todd planted most of our veggies in one garden this weekend.  HAPPY HAPPY.  Seeing all the tomato plants makes me anxious for my BLT sandwich.  Again, fresh veggies are the best.  Even better than the Farmer's Market.  Go out and pick the veggies from the garden and eat shortly after.  The flavors are much more enhanced when they are that fresh.  Seriously nothing compares.
  3. My son showing respect after his fight with me on Friday.  I am so HAPPY he was responsible and owned up to his mistake and shared with me about his crappy day.  He was not even trying to get a reduction with his grounding when he shared it.  He knew he was wrong and accepted the punishment, so it made me HAPPY that I was able to adjust his grounding to reward his behavior yet still discipline him for his wrong actions.
  4. Thursday is my first baby's birthday.  He will be 22 years old.  I am HAPPY to celebrate his birth but what the heck... 22?!  He is not perfect what child is?  He is not a horrible child either.  He is a good kid.  He is partying less and working hard at finances to be able to begin school again.  He has matured once more and I am proud of him.
  5. HAPPY I am getting several different butterflies in my garden.  I was unable to take a picture of the first group of flowers, the Silvia are looking pretty and I am hoping to get out and take a picture of them before they are past their blooming time.
  6. Nature makes me HAPPY.
  7. People showing love for one another or supporting someone down makes me HAPPY.
  8. The way Todd looks at me since our vacation to Las Vegas makes me HAPPY.  I love his little looks that I had been missing.  I love his little touches as he walks by or as he sits next to me while we watch TV.  I think the stress had much more toll on us but now we have rejuvenated and I am very HAPPY.  He also now knows how much pain I really was in and what I endured during our trip not to ruin it for us.
  9.  A good BLT Sandwich makes me HAPPY

What are you HAPPY about this week?  Come join Mamarazzi and link up your HAPPY LIST.


  1. There is nothing better than a fresh tomato right from the garden:-)

  2. Mmmmm fresh veggies are the best!!
    That is great about the little looks and touches from Todd! Those are very important to have in a relationship.

  3. ummm now i want a BLT...stat!

    fab list of happy!!


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