Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy List

Here is my Happy List this week:

  • Joshua made it safely from Nashville to Connecticut.  SUPER HAPPY
  • Joshua found a host family after going door to door finding no one, he then went to a church and a family stepped up.  (This bothered me the most, not knowing if or who he was going to stay with.)
  • My butterfly additions weer planted and I absolutely love it.  It makes me so HAPPY.  I have seen several new butterflies and last year actually had humming birds too.  I just can not wait to see the beauty it will bring to my yard.
  • Our backyard garden is planted now all we need to do is add the compost and I will soon be taking pictures. 
  • We have flowers on our sweet peas, which means soon we will have pea pods!  Our garden makes me HAPPY.
  • We are near completion of planting in our community garden.  HAPPY  I will be so happy when everything is planted. I believe I am going to be very busy this fall if everything grows. We have over 20 Roma Tomato plants alone, plus several beef steak tomato, patio tomatoes, grape tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes.  We also have red and regular cabbage (total of 8 each), 10 broccoli plants, a couple of cauliflower plants, about 6 egg plants, several cucumber plants, I believe 6 squash plants, red and white onions, carrots, peppers (bell, hot, jalapeno, banana sweet and hot peppers), beans, and the peas.  HAPPY.  I had celery but the stinking rabbits ate it and it is too late to replace them.  I just can not wait to share my pictures.  I love taking pictures of the garden.
  • HAPPY... We learned how to make a willow tree trellis this past weekend, as well as an arbor.  We actually made a fan trellis and took it home.  Now I have to figure out what I am going to use it for... green beans or cucumbers?
  • SUPER HAPPY that this Friday will be an early out and have Monday off.

What do you have to be HAPPY about this week?  Come join Mamarazzi and all of us in the fun.


  1. I wish I had a green thumb. The only thing I've been able to keep alive is a bamboo plant that my husband just recently killed by putting it outside... so at least this wasn't my fault.

    We are going to open a box of balloons. Our ultrasound is Thursday, my friend is going to stop by the house after she gets off work and pick up the card that the doctor will write the gender on (sealed in an envelope of course) she is taking the card to a party place were they are putting the color balloons in a box. I hope it doesn't rain like the forcast says. Fingers crossed!!!

  2. You have a beautiful life:-)

    I have had 2 hummingbirds to our new feeder so far this year. In these parts, you have to catch them early in the morning:-)


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