Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy List


I really needed the 3 day weekend, work has been very stressful lately and I could not wait until 1 pm on Friday to get away from work early (thank you office for closing early for the day) and get away from the stress... and away from it I did!  AWESOME HAPPY!!!!

Friday night I did not do what my first goal was...clean my closet. Instead I spent the evening watching a movie and playing Sequence with Ethan and Noah.  It was a lot of fun and it has been a long time since we have sat on my bed and watched t.v.  HAPPY, time with them and away from their electronic games for 6 hours.  Woo Hoo!!!

Saturday was not too HAPPY, I was sick.  I caught Noah's bug, but thankfully it was just one day.

Sunday was a beautiful day!  It made me very HAPPY!  We watched Taj while Kera worked.  We picked up a baby pool for him.

We thought it was adorable, it will keep him out of the sun.

He was not too HAPPY about it.

BUT he was HAPPY about the water mist being sprayed on him.  He would laugh and laugh at the boys and chase them while he was getting sprayed.

Swinging makes him HAPPY and that makes me HAPPY.

Watching the boys having fun, including Todd makes me HAPPY.

Later Emily came over and Matthew was home as well and we grilled.  I have never seen a baby enjoy baked beans as much as this grand baby of ours.  After work Kera ate with us as well.  We then enjoyed Root Beer Floats and then enjoyed our first bon fire for the season.  I loved sitting there watching the boys and girls all interact with one another.  We started talking about past vacations and laughed and laughed.  Some of the kids had smores.  Todd was so sweet and brought down one of my favorite deck chairs so I can be comfortable.  Sitting there looking at my family just made me so HAPPY.  I sat there rocking with my wonderful grandson in my arms, rocking him to sleep.  Only thing missing was Joshua.

However, he did call and I was able to talk to him.  It was nice to hear from him and know he was doing fine.  This made me HAPPY as well.

Kera thanked me that night as well.  She told me she loves how I am such a great grandmother to Taj and thanked me for it.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, this touched my heart.

Sunday was a wonderful day!  I can not wait for more Sunday's like this.  Days like this is just Heaven here on Earth.

I was so HAPPY on Monday.  I actually was able to do my own weeding in my flower beds.  Yes, the first time in 2 years I was able to get down and dig up my weeds myself.  No boys helping me.  I was also able to get into the garden and help Todd put compost in our garden.  Here is a picture of part of our garden that I assisted with.
 My HAPPY 3 day weekend even carried over to today.  Yes!  Work was absolutely C R A Z Y!  It always is after a 3 day weekend.  My supervisor has been gone for a little over a week.  She came back and complimented me.  She told me it looks like I am losing weight.  HOW GREAT IS THAT!!  I stepped on the scale tonight when I came home and it read another 5 lbs lighter.  A total of 15 lbs so far, I typically weigh in in the morning, so I can not wait to step on the scale tomorrow to see if it favors me more!  5 more pounds and I will allow me to reward myself with a pedi. OHHH so HAPPY!

What are you HAPPY about?  Come join Mamarazzi's HAPPY LIST.


  1. I am glad to hear that you had such a great weekend:-)

  2. What a cute pool...sorry it wasn't a hit! Glad you are better, and that your bug only lasted a day.


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