Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Las Vegas ~ The Fun and Not so Fun Moments

We had some fun and not so fun moments while we were on our trip.  I will start with the bad so I can end with the good.

Not so fun moments...
  1. Along the strip there are some really freaking, pushy sales people.  Trying to push their porn cards and booklets on any male walking, regardless if he is holding hands with another woman.  
  2. The streets later in the day are loaded with littered porn cards and booklets, from the pushy freaks.
  3. Inside every hotel are a different freaking, pushy sales people.  These people are dressed nicer and come up to you and welcome you, asking if you want free tickets while you are here...all you have to do is give up 90 minutes of your life for them to try to sale you some time share.  {I felt guilty because I lied to them constantly, I would say, oh we are late we have to meet up with friends, or no we will be leaving this afternoon.}
  4. Denny's on the strip.  The worse Denny's or restaurant I have ever been in.  Rude and slow.  We were served old cold fries and my BLT was the worse BLT ever.  How can anyone screw up a BLT sandwich?  Seriously?  The bread was not even toasted, the lettuce was limp, barely a tomato if you would call it a tomato and I think they forgot to add the Mayo.  
  5. Trying to catch a bus during the rush hour.  I am not even sure if a bus goes down the strip to pick up new riders.
  6. Our hotel room's air conditioner leaking water all over Todd's dirty clothing.  They were too wet to even pack, I had to use garbage bags to put the clothing in to avoid everything else becoming wet.
  7. Todd (not knowing) missing Dick Butkus and getting his autograph free by 15 minutes.

Now more fun moments, photos I did not post in the previous posts.

MGM Grand

Todd next to his PERFECT team at the sports store we barely missed seeing Dick Butkus

The strange people on the street.
This guy would jump out in front of people walking down the street and scare them.
These show girls were actually rude but I wanted to take their picture any how.  
They did not want a picture taken unless we donated money for them to pose.
I am not very sure why this Aztec Man was there.  
All he did was stand there.

The different types of palm trees.

Todd acting silly for me.  He wanted this pose with his Buda Buddy.

This fountain was inside Planet Hollywood

This horse statue was outside Planet Hollywood

I could not resist taking a picture of this.  Look how large the candy is.  I just had to take this picture for the boys.

If you can not tell by reading my prior post, we had a ton of fun.  We did not gamble much at all.  Todd wanted to play a dollar in a penny slot at every Casino we went to, but he only played  $5 worth.  Todd played Black Jack one night while I rested but he broke even.  He also played poker one morning, $35 fee.  He lost his $100 playing Black Jack our last night.  I played $21 dollars playing penny slots and broke even playing Black Jack.  I do not think that is too bad, me down $21 in 4 days and Todd down $145.  Naturally it would have been better if we walked away ahead.

This was a great trip for us.  I am so happy we did this.

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