Monday, May 7, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Wow… what a weekend!!!  Does anyone else feel they need another day off just to recover?
Friday… there was a benefit dinner for a dispatcher who had a stroke Thanksgiving. She works with Todd and the same shift he is on, while he worked at City as well as now the Joint Emergency Communication Center. This dispatcher has been dispatching for a total of 23 years now. She lives alone and also takes care of elderly mother. This dispatcher works very hard and many hours of overtime. She will come in on her days off and even when on vacation, if need be she will come in to cover shifts. Unfortunately, she will never be able to come back to work, but her fellow co-workers thought they could help her with a benefit dinner. When she arrived to her benefit dinner on Friday she cried and cried. It was the first time she has seen most of her fellow co-workers and she had no idea of the extent of the benefit dinner. The dispatchers had contacted restaurants and services (such as spas, etc.) to see if they were willing to donate for the silent auction. They ended up getting 25 donations. Half of the food was donated for the spaghetti dinner. The dispatchers (and wives as in the case of my husband) each made at least a dozen of something for dessert and had them individually wrapped. A fireman (woman) is in a band, her band played at the benefit for no cost to provide entertainment for everyone. Someone at the Iowa City Police Department contacted this gun company to see if they would be willing to donate a gun that could be raffled. This gun company only donates a gun to two benefits a year and this benefit dinner was one chosen. They had 500 tickets at $10 each to raffle the gun; I believe they sold all but 2. The love of the community just touched my heart. I love how people can support others when the chips are down. The benefit raised a lot to aid for her medical bills and continuous therapy at this time. My heart was filled with such happiness for her and everyone who came out to support her.

Prior to the benefit dinner, Friday was not a good one for my son Ethan and me. Oh my goodness, I think we ended up in the biggest fight we have ever had. He was so disrespectful and the language coming out of his mouth, it was a good thing he was in the back seat or I think I would have smacked his mouth for the words coming out of it. Needless to say, I told him he was grounded and I left him at home because I did not want the attitude of an anger teenager at the benefit to ruin what it was all about. At first I could not help but think of the fight. It saddens me knowing I have to go through this crap with each child. Each child it starts a little younger age, I am not sure if it is because they have witnessed the older brother treating me this way and they think it is normal or what. HOWEVER, this child did something no other did. After the benefit dinner, cleaning up the hall, distributing extra food to the agencies, such as fire departments, police stations (we delivered to the Communication Center) I arrived home. I asked for his lap top and told him he is grounded for only 2 weeks not the entire summer as well. (Yeah, he worked me up so much that I kept adding weeks, eventually months.) As he handed me the lap top, he told me he was sorry. Yes, that is right; he told me he was sorry. His brothers never did this. He told me how wrong he was to talk to me the way he did and how he blew everything out of portion. He then explained his day and how it was a rough one for him. He had a teacher on his case for not turning in homework (no sympathy from me for that one.) One of his best friends and he ended up in a fist fight. (concerned with this one) His girlfriend of 2 years and he also got into a fight and he is afraid she wanted to break up. I felt bad for the kid. I told him I am very proud of him for being responsible for his actions. How proud of him for telling me he is sorry and truly sounding sincere. I told him I am sorry for his rough day but I can not have him go with no consequences at all; however it will not be as heavy as originally. (He was grounded to go out and all electronics because of the intensity of his actions.) He commented that he was not trying to change in grounding because he did deserve to be grounded; he just wanted to tell me he is sorry and let me know what happened. We hugged one another and then he cried in my arms. His final punishment is 1 week grounding of not going anywhere after school or during the weekend. He and his girlfriend are good now…she came over on Sunday. I was so sick to my stomach worrying about him all weekend. I know it is life’s lessons break ups are but I do not want my child to hurt. This is his first relationship. I know it will happen eventually, I just do not want it to happen where he will be hurt. I just want to protect them all.

Saturday… We babysat Taj. We took him to Davenport to see Todd’s Mom. We could not stay very long because Ethan needed a ride to a party, yes he is grounded but I made an exception to this, this way he can fix his relationship with his best friend and girl friend. I thought with the circumstances and how he handled his self, he deserved this break in the grounding. Taj was such a mess from dinner, I ended up giving him a bath and putting him back in his pajamas that he arrived wearing. I think Kera was happy she did not have to do much except play with him. He did not really have nap time except for the car ride to and from Davenport (about an hour drive) so he kept me busy busy busy, but I loved it. Todd had to go into work early that night, so once we arrived home from Davenport, he went to bed.

Sunday… Was catch-up day, laundry and shopping. I still do not have all the laundry done. I have been putting off doing laundry in the evenings lately because I do not want to generate the heat in our bedroom from the dryer. Due to this, I am totally backed up. Tonight will be more laundry no matter how warm it is. I might just break down and get the other fan out. Sunday my son, Joshua told me he had a change in his plans for this coming Friday. Friday will be his last day here; he leaves for Nashville on Saturday at 7 am. Originally he planned to go to bed early to have plenty of rest, NOW he plans to sacrifice sleep so he can go out with his friends who are coming back from college. We argued about this, his point was it is just straight highway so it should be no problem that he is giving up sleep. My point is, it is just highway so he needs sleep. He just does not want to admit he does NOT know everything. Man this kid is going to age me so much. I used to think he was very smart. I just do not know what happened to him.

I am sooo in love with my husband. Vegas was so good to us. No more aches from the trip at all, just fond memories. We started to plan a little about our family vacation to Washington DC. I am very excited about this.

I need to make an appointment with the doctor. I just do not feel healthy anymore. I am wondering if I have become diabetic. I have been border line for the past several years, but now I wonder if I have crossed over. I have not had a period for two months now. I have taken many home test and all have come back negative. This makes me thrilled! A baby is the last thing this older person needs. I think it is pre-menopause. I feel nausea often but that also could be from diabetes if I am. It is time to have a well rounded physical and dedicate the remainder of the year to becoming healthy. If you see on the right side it is one of my goals this year.

I received an award and need to pass it along. I am having a hard time trying to pick only 5 blogger. I hope I can get this done tonight because it is bugging me that I have not posted it yet.

Well enough rambling today…


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