Monday, June 25, 2012

Gardening 101 ~ Watering/Irrigation

Water is important not only to humans but to plants as well.  One needs to make sure your garden is properly watered. Some plants need more water than other plants, such as melon require a lot of water.  We have learned by trial and error sometimes water can create problems as well for some plants.

A few years ago our tomatoes were looking good, growing tall and healthy then it happened.  The leaves started to look yellow and brown.  Our tomatoes were being infected as well as the plant.  We did research on it and found it was caused from the water on the leaves, more importantly bouncing off the ground and hitting the plants. At that time we were watering our garden like we water anything else, with the hose and spraying it with a wand or hooking it up to a water sprinkler.

The following year our watering method in the garden changed.  It also made watering much easier. We chose to use a couple of soaker hoses instead.  A soaker hose looks like a regular garden hose, however the hose is made of a different material and has several holes in it. This allows the water to come through the hose watering the garden with out getting the plants wet.
After all of our plants were in the ground, Todd wove the hose through out the garden.  We noticed birds pecking at it the past few years. I am not sure if they were the cause of some damage to our hose or if it was just normal wear and tear.  This year Todd did it differently.  Typically, the hose was the last thing placed in the garden, this year he laid the compost on top of the soaker hose.  Time will tell if this method is better, one thing I can see, is  that the compost protects the plants from the water as well, it may be a better solution.

When it comes time to water, all we need to do is hook up our regular hose to the end of the soaker hose and turn on the water.  It really is a good thing, as Martha Stewart would say.


  1. Brilliant! I wish we had little hoses that drip into our containers. :D

    Where did you get the little garden dude? He is so cute!!!


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