Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy List

Come Join Mamarazzi

My Gardens are making me very HAPPY!  They are looking good and healthy so far.  I know they are not out of the woods yet but they are looking good so far.  I am sure we are going to lose some cucumber plants because they have Cucumber Beetles on them, but we also just planted new and they may be ready to bloom after the peak of the Cucumber Beetles.  I am hoping for a lot of pickling cucumbers and look forward to cucumbers to slice and add with our own onions.  I love marinated cucumbers, they make me HAPPY just eating this healthy snack and to know it came from our garden just makes me even HAPPIER.

We picked our first Zucchini's late last week and one of our broccoli will be able to be picked soon.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

I am also HAPPY I was able to post in our Garden Blog about this year's gardens.  Click here to read about it.  I plan to make a different post here, one will be about the Community Garden itself.  I love going there and seeing how everyone does things different.  There is this one plot that is so adorable with all the ornaments they have added.

You know what makes me HAPPY also about the gardens.  The simple beauty of it.  I love the different shades of green and colors of a garden.  My friends on facebook may think I am crazy because I post pictures of our gardens during different phases, but I can not help it because it is so beautiful.

My butterfly/humming bird garden turned out beautiful this year.  I just need to add something to keep blooms going in the Summer now.  All the plants but 4 were added last year and free.  They were giving the near death plants away.  I am seeing many different types of butterflies too this year.  This makes me HAPPY.  I just love it!

 My Day Lily Garden is looking beautiful right now. I love the little ornament I added this year.
 Please ignore the fact the grass needs cut.  Our mower broke.
I am HAPPY I was able to see at least one of my Lilies in my Oriental/Asiatic Lily Garden.  The stinking rabbits eat all of them and I have only been able to see 3 of them the first year I planted, the plants were already close to bloom when I planted.  The others were all bulbs so the stupid rabbits eat them.  This fall I will be adding a little fence around it to keep them out. Something similar to my Butterfly/Humming Bird Garden.  I saved this one (well my Mom did while I was in Vegas) by wrapping s little boarder fencing.  It kind of reminds me of a war zone.  My Mom makes me HAPPY.
Here is a picture of my favorite flower bed.  I planted this one 4 years ago and I love how it grows. It makes me so HAPPY...well not so much Lamb's Ear would make me HAPPIER but they do keep the rabbits out of the garden.
 Picture below is with some of all the flowers blooming but prior to the mulching.
Gardening makes me HAPPY!!!  I also am HAPPY that I am able to do more in the gardens this year.  I am actually getting down and I am able to do some weeding myself and planting this year.  Oh words can not express HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES ME!

What do you have to be HAPPY about this week?  Come join us.



  1. Me too! Your garden is beautiful!

  2. Reading about your garden is always so relaxing. I didn't realize you had a seperate garden blog. So do I! Well, really, it's the Mister's and he hasn't updated it yet this year, so I will be taking over soon.

    Cucumber have been wonderful this spring/summer. Last night we had marinated cucumbers and tomatoes with feta sandwiches. Yum, yum!

    Looking forward to more beautiful garden pictures as the summer progresses.

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Your garden looks beautiful - I wish I had a green thumb! I started a small garden last year, but it didn't last long! The growth of plants and food always makes me happy - it seems so magical!

  4. your garden is beautiful! I miss my old one...we moved almost a year ago, I spent lots of time transplanting my flowers from our old house, but didn't get the vegetable garden done in time. HAPPY TUESDAY!

  5. this made me happy to pretty and peaceful

  6. your garden impresses me more than i can even express! sooo lovely!

    thanks for linking up your HAPPY!


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