Monday, June 4, 2012

Kids Say The Funniest Things

Last month I had a fight with my son.  A typical teenager/parent fight.  He crossed the line and after cool down time, he realized he did too.  I was and still am very proud of him for accepting his consequences.  However I have to share with you all something he said during said fight.  Poor little Noah was stuck in the car with both of us yelling at one another.  At one point, I looked at him and realized what I was doing, so I told him I am so sorry for him having to be stuck in the middle.  He looked like he was going to start crying.  My other son, then spoke up and said this:

"You know Noah, during the Nazi War the Polands made a stand and stood up for themselves because of this they won the war.  We have to make a stand once in awhile."

I busted up laughing, most of the time I laugh inside when the boys say something too outrageous but since we were in a fight and it was so way out there, I laughed out loud and said "Really son?  Really?  You are comparing our fight to World War II?  You do realize you have your facts wrong, Poland lost the war to Germany and it wasn't the Nazi War but World War II."  Noah even started to laugh.  Needless to say my other son was not happy that we laughed.

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