Monday, June 4, 2012

A Letter to All of The Boys

Issues and stresses have gone on with my boys from time to time.  I think mainly issues of growing up have hit my four boys.  I have decided I will occasionally write a letter to them through out the time I blog.
Dear Boys,
You have been the bright spots in my life for so many years, actually since the day you were born.  My heart is big enough to share with another man and grandchildren to come and I have now.  I love the fact you all understand this as well..
I am sorry you have endured what you had to with your Mother and Father back when we were married. I have tried so hard to learn from my mistakes.  This is what I want from you all as well.  Learn from your mistakes. 
Please never leave us (your family) out and remember we all have to work together to work on issues.  NEVER let things build up in your heart when dealing with issues you do not like.  Be less bull headed and remember to take the high road.  You can always be the leader.  Two wrongs never make it right.. 
I love you all and I do NOT have a favorite.  You all bring something special to me as well as something frustrating.  I do NOT love one less as well.  You four all mean the world to me.  You will never understand, it is because of you that I have pushed through some very dark days. 

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